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"They're not wrong according to them. Jesus didn't fulfill their book's prophecies."

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" Oh God. I realized these girls would do whatever I asked of them so I knew what I wanted. I tried to push our conversation to the back of my head for the rest of the morning but I just couldn't.


Hot Black Girls Lick and Hump Each Other!

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Nikotaxe 1 year ago
"The Federal government funds those schools." - and that's a problem, in my view. Nothing should be more antithetical to a free society than government control of schools.
Garamar 1 year ago
Ah. I?ve been known to be quite skilled at persuasion. Although, not sure if that would translate in print.
Shaktilkis 1 year ago
" One third of our budget goes to the military..."
Tugor 1 year ago
No, it was the people's fault for disappointing god. If we'd been good, he wouldn't have had to destroy us. Our fault.
Zulull 1 year ago
That's a choice you accept when you join a group health plan though. Taxes on the other hand, aren't a choice.
Kazigul 1 year ago
"no marital relations renders a marriage separated or on grounds of negligence awarding to the desiring spouse"
Fauran 1 year ago
I used to date a nice lady who was very religious. She went to one of those mega-Churches in Tennessee, but it was southern Southern Baptist flavor.
Mazujar 1 year ago
so much bewbs lol
Mautilar 1 year ago
I think what he did was stupid, childish and borderline harassing. But police may not be the best idea. The time, and possibly having to see him in court to drag things out doesn't sound tempting.
Tygojinn 11 months ago
That's true on the individual level but on the population level new devout people must fill in for those who die.
Tygokasa 11 months ago
I've read about the lawyers hired because their kid should be able to wear a profanity-laced tee in high school...there is often too much money, and no common sense. A girl became famous for melting down when her mom cut her allowance from like 10 grand a month, to only three thousand! The abuse of it all. :P
Maubar 11 months ago
You wouldn't stand a chance with an educated one.
Moogutilar 11 months ago
Gays are real, judgement day is nonsense. Bake the bloody cake.
Dikus 10 months ago
So many people don't know of it Aloha. I've come across it in the past not knowing what it was. Just the sap can blind you permanently. Here's another link worth reading...
Kazahn 10 months ago
Operator error on your part, huddie.
Voodooshura 10 months ago
Abstinence is the only true form of birth control.
Yogor 10 months ago
Take a gander at this article...http://
Kigacage 10 months ago
Ha,Ha, but this news, showing prove and discussing the fact that the Dutch public news is reporting fake news is from yesterday.
Doushura 10 months ago
Unfortunately also likely to unite an in-group against an out-group...
Taumi 9 months ago
I do not make any statements about Muslims, and the one who fears Islam it's you, because you refuse to speak up against an ideology that sanctions death for apostasy, blasphemy, adultery. I asked you a question, why are you afraid to answer? This is real fear of Islam.
Torr 9 months ago
Clown car crashes:
Keran 9 months ago
"Buddhism is like other religions"
Dujar 9 months ago
I know... you just drive careful! Now I feel bad about keeping you up.... chug some Starbucks- oooooh! I think I might get ready and go get me one right now!
Taule 9 months ago
Right??!?!?!?!?! These are the same people that say "I'm a patriot and saying anything bad about our gubment is bad and unpatriotic." but at the same time have to stock pile guns to save themselves from the tyrannical gubment. I'm so confused.
Arashill 9 months ago
>>"Never said it was necessary, did I?"<<
Tojadal 8 months ago
No, you do not understand. If you understood, you'd have produced the bugger a long time ago.
Akishakar 8 months ago
Evolution has an abundance of evidence, theism has zilch.
Meztilkree 8 months ago
Human DNA makes something human.

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