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"What I presented I gleaned from watching several debates between atheist and Christians. I've listened to multiple YouTube videos as atheist present their worldview. The phrase "a bag of chemicals" or "molecules in motion" are ones out of the mouths of atheists. Now it could very well be true that you don't hold to these views. I'm just relating what I've heard atheist teach."

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Shakaktilar 7 months ago
you've obviously never been to Canada. typical American talk. just wait for the dust bowl days to come back and we'll talk about water.
Shaktibei 7 months ago
From what? A situation Europe and America created?
Taura 7 months ago say they should be able to raise them how they see fit.
Dizshura 7 months ago
Yes, we can be informed of what it is. We can also be informed of the fact that the moderate Muslims don't actually do this stuff. They're peaceful, law-abiding people.
Vudojas 7 months ago
NBA fans seems to be more anti-America.
Mezirr 6 months ago
Do they speak American in Ontario?
Tauzshura 6 months ago
The problem comes with defining infringing on the rights of others. In America, it's becoming common for certain Christians to feel that their right to believe includes discrimination in the marketplace. You are free to discriminate in your own church, but the public marketplace includes all. If you cannot handle that, then you should not open a business.
Maushicage 6 months ago
That's good to know. In that case, it's sad that it came down to this. I see many people in an uproar over the fact that she touched him, but in my opinion the "no touching" rules should be in the spirit of easily cracking down on an abuser-- not because nonsexual and nonviolent touching (such as in the video) is actually something to get upset about.
Mizahn 6 months ago
I guess my chances of seeing the day are a little slim!
Sashicage 6 months ago
I would think if this were true each book which ultimately was chosen to be in the Bible would start out with these words: "These are the words the Lord has instructed me to write", or something to that effect.
Bataur 6 months ago
Religion and beliefs are in some people more important than air. Wars are fought over religion... And both sides claim god says they are right.
Goltirr 5 months ago
It is a problem.
Dinos 5 months ago
I know what he meant. He verbalized his meaning very very badly.
Voodookus 5 months ago
Soooo. ignorant homophobic cultist maggots get a free pass to discriminate against people for their inherent differences.
Mazular 5 months ago
Based on our current knowledge.
Nakinos 5 months ago
That seems to be a trend here on so-called religion channel.
Fegor 5 months ago
Don't you think it would have been clearer if you'd cited the preacher and explained what you were responding to?
Megami 5 months ago
That's a good website!
Vukora 5 months ago
coal jobs keep coal plants running. Those plants are generally in poor areas where now grandmas and single mammas have affordable power. That?s super terrible isn?t it.
Mikalrajas 4 months ago
Islam doesn't pose a threat to the west. If you think it does, Christianity is not the way to defend the west.
Tebei 4 months ago
Because Christians don't follow the true message of Jesus (peace be upon him) but Muslims do because his message was the same as the previous prophets and the last prophet. The Muslims are more Christians than the Christians themselves. Look at the passages where Jesus (peace be upon him) speaks in both the NT and the Qur'an and compare and contrast and you will see he is saying the same thing.

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