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"Do prosperity and lack of religion go hand-in-hand too?"

Getting hit and choked by black uber driver

"How about if you sit right here," I said, patting the bed next to my hip. When I got to the bike room, I saw that the class was already completely full. She sat on the loo, thinking about the incredible experiences with 11 year old Timmy and then the surprise of sex with her friend Julie.

Getting hit and choked by black uber driver

Both Sally grohp Timmy somehow managed to keep silent as they came and Julie blew a kiss and hung up on her husband. I thought Val would stay licking Torre's tits or maybe get infront of her sister, instead she went down below us and started sucking my nuts into her mouth.

"I mean, fuck. Yeah. And I think you have a point.

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JoJokree 1 year ago
What guy? Who's some?
Negor 11 months ago
Look at them, understand them. If species are stars...
Akirisar 11 months ago
Sex dungeon holla!
Malakree 11 months ago
with a long enough chain.............
Mezim 11 months ago
False. NOT sanctioned by God. Merely tolerated.
Shaktigis 11 months ago
Mormons today are only about 170 years removed from Joseph Smith. If I write a paper saying that Joseph Smith found gold tablets because some Mormons believe it does not mean those gold tablets existed.
Nicage 10 months ago
Lol I don?t know this doesn?t bother me, I find it cute. I mean as long as you called him eventually and you weren?t cursing him out and you aren?t playing tit for tat when stakes are high and such... A little pettiness never hurt anybody. Just ensure it doesn?t turn into something bigger like withholding affection.
JoJolabar 10 months ago
I feel this is only an issue if you don't want to marry them
Arashitaxe 10 months ago
Oldest ruins etc are about 4500 years or so
Faulrajas 10 months ago
But crystals and fire aren't the same as embryos and fetuses, and the nature of "growth" and how one (the unborn human) "reacts" versus the other (two) cannot be easily confused due to their very distinctiveness. But as far as your census reference goes, God also said nothing about counting any non-Israelite people, either, and no one I know of is arguing against their status as persons. That along with textual context of the passage tells me and Christians in general that the census had a "spiritual" purpose beyond merely counting a human's status as a person. Levites were counted differently than the other tribes, and some censuses concerned battle-readiness. And I know the reference you are making to Exodus 21:22-25, and I admit I don't have a good answer for that and it has always puzzled me. I can't argue that "God fails to express that fetuses are people" but that's not the same as the assertion that fetuses aren't people, logically. "They just aren't" is your personal conclusion. Again you mention a rabbinical standard, but again, I have to say I don't know what Judaism says about that. I do need to research it, but I don't belong to that religion. You keep asserting that having never breathed also equates to never having a soul, but you never responded to the Psalm 139:13 I made reference to in this context, which is admittedly poetic. How about Genesis 25:23, which states, "The Lord said to her, 'Two nations are in your womb, and two peoples from within you will be separated; one people will be stronger than the other, and the older will serve the younger.'"? Again, that's probably written long after the fact, but it does show some literary evidence of pre-born personhood. And of course, there is the famous prophecy of Isaiah 7:14 which speaks of a boy to be born to a young woman (speaking of personhood even before birth), and that before the child was even old enough to tell right from wrong, the two foreign nations spoken about would be judged by God. That is much more impressive if you believe in it prophetically. But it gives a sign of personhood being assigned by God, at least literally, before the fact.
Jujind 10 months ago
Cali life is always a little behind...
Gugore 9 months ago
No - I need to get on that. I'm safe if I'm granted citizenship lol.
Gora 9 months ago
Yes, you are done; more than you know.
Tomi 9 months ago
Good luck with that in Europe! I asked for ice once and the waiter went home to get some.
Zugor 9 months ago
My look at recent history wont change the fact that YOU dont understand how the USA spends money!
Mujar 9 months ago
Imma punch him in his other eye if he keeps doin that shyt, same as last year
Samujora 9 months ago
You had me at no A/C.
Tebar 8 months ago
The couple was treated like shit by a bigot. You think that's a good thing.
Gardar 8 months ago
When I told my father I'd been released from hospital for a suicide attempt he said "oh right" and carried on talking about food.
Vogore 8 months ago
many historians believe that the western european experiences in the muslim world during the crusades (the more peaceful ruling and trading parts between the battles) sparked the renaissance.
Zulkikazahn 8 months ago
My proof is in the news reports for each one.
Shataxe 7 months ago
It means you NEED the D
Vucage 7 months ago
Because he Facebook messaged me from Hawaii when it was happening.
Doulkis 7 months ago
I've always stood by the contention that friends and money don't mix - it will ultimately lead to resentment and disintegration of the friendship. unless of course, the friend is exceptionally dependable and thoughtful, then maybe
Kilkis 7 months ago
I think this is the best solution especially since I think she will hate it
Kazigami 7 months ago
It's President Trump's fault! He must be impeached this is his last straw! This rant falls inline with the liberal haters and misfits which are dividing our country with pure hate and insanity.
Yozshuzil 7 months ago
An artist having the right to refuse to accept a contracted, commissioned piece of work is not the same thing as selling cookies over the counter, dumbass.
Kagis 6 months ago
I certainly do think slavery has acceptable terms, and it was acceptable during Israel's history as a nation. That in no way compels me to condone recent African slavery, or the modern slavery which goes on today. That is 'man-stealing', abduction, which was specifically prohibited under the Mosaic Law.
Arashishicage 6 months ago
Damn, that means my friends have been wrong all that time.
Nikolmaran 6 months ago
Indeed, so pay attention to what I say. Close attention. God is a living God, and Jesus did not die in vain. Still, you may want to look up the Evangelical Environmental Network so you can feel right at home. Sojourners is more my style, "Social Justice is a Christian tradition, not a liberal agenda."
Tujar 6 months ago
Yeah, I don't have anyone blocked either.
Kajijora 6 months ago
This article says the heat sensor is only on the right side, so left side toasting would produce lighter, faster toasting. Could've been the case. I don't remember. I probably turned up the dial to achieve the level of toasting I wanted.
Faejar 6 months ago
"A tumor is also human life"
Bakasa 5 months ago
You still haven't exposed this "bad science" though.
Kakora 5 months ago
I'll go out on a limb here: they'll never nuke us.

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