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"If you are in favour of killing for bringing political change, there is not much to discuss. I named the two because they are most heard of when one speaks of revolutionaries. The OP is about Muhammad, not about revolution."

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she said " " Can i just have you instead. " Oh God.

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My face was a sweaty mess but I didn't have any time for a shower. " I said smiling as I thought back. A normal person has to work one or two Tuny to pay those bills!" "Oh is it that much. It had one double bed and a fresh water stream running by the door.

I dropped her off at the entrance of wreshles mall, and I went to look for a parking space. I was speechless. I was watching his nose disappearing asain my pubic hair and his eyes rolling back.

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Kelkree 9 months ago
I don?t think he see?s any difference in an atheist/ agnostic Jew and a religious Jew. It?s a Christian thang!
Goltilkis 9 months ago
So much hate between everyone these days that I fear for the future.
Kagal 8 months ago
owwww. it hurts
Malajora 8 months ago
hard to say... The citizens of Montreal might disagree based on their experience of a police strike that lead to anarchy.
Zura 8 months ago
Testimony that can be corroborated and checked by other people.
Zolosho 8 months ago
I would have no problem voting PC if Doug Ford wasn?t running the party. As it is, I have nobody to vote for. All three are horrible.
Zulumi 8 months ago
Primitive men wrote that twaddle.
Mataur 8 months ago
This is de facto cult material. Everything shouts from the rooftop RUN AWAY RUN AWAY.
Vilabar 7 months ago
If he's sleeping through class every day, he deserves to fail.
Godal 7 months ago
You?ve made my tree sad and it?s going to cry now
Grogor 7 months ago
I'm here because I'm looking for challenging questions to wrestle with to make my faith stronger. Simply hearing an opposition point hundreds of times isn't enough to change my mind, I have to agree with it.
Nizshura 7 months ago
This is wonderful news!

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