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"This is why it is so necessary to know history. It is sucessfully"

Ill tell mom!

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Terg 1 year ago
This is Trumps way of undercutting the ersatz ? resistance ? and denying the now-whiny media a chance to capitalize on their chance to go front page on ? only a few of the players accepted the White House invitation?.
Maulkree 1 year ago
God is in us. God is us.
Maukora 1 year ago
Former WH press secretary.
Kajigul 1 year ago
1 & 2 - This is one of those areas where I am somewhat conflicted, because in the interest of full disclosure (or to much), I was a recipient of the procedure as an infant for medical reasons. I have no memory of it and it has not negatively affected my life in any way that I am aware of. As a result, I think that some of the comparisons I have seen on occasion to the practice of female circumcision are extreme.
Goltizragore 1 year ago
Thanks, GR! And good morning!
Daill 1 year ago
How would you ever quantify racism held completely within the mind and never outwardly expressed? How would you ever hear of it?
Kashicage 1 year ago
I think your post is meaningless anyway. By deleting it you can do yourself a favour.
Taushakar 11 months ago
Sure it does I have grown more as a person in suffering that I ever have in comfort. We are just so accustomed to comfort that we see suffering as antithical to our existence. Where in reality it is part of our existence and is required for human development.
Dakus 11 months ago
Dude if you actually read J Adams list 1-9 he gives reasons based in pure logic as to why Christinity is the most plausible religion. It has nothing to do with him ?believing? all other gods false. It?s about him studying all possibilities and drawing the logical deduction that Christ is the True God and the Church is His True bride. It?s based in study, not solely ?belief?.
Kazile 11 months ago
Modern Science, is in fact, a Christian cultural behavior,
Doura 11 months ago
Well... it's pretty terrible as a comedy.
Aralkis 11 months ago
I only had one, so I give them permission to have two extra for me. LOL
Voodoolrajas 10 months ago
This guy and your post are really disgusting.
Meztijin 10 months ago
I believe there is strong scholarship supporting the view of Jesus being an apocalyptic prophet. Considering the Zealots like Judas of Galilee, who attempted a revolt against Rome, and one sees how dire at least some segment of the population of Judea felt with foreign occupation of their land.
Shaktitilar 10 months ago
Basically, his son was a little fidgety, and had trouble peeing without someone standing behind him. So he did a psychic cleansing of the house, and everything worked out.
Fenrishakar 10 months ago
CBO already knew that 1/2 the states wouldn't participate when they made their projection!
Vugal 10 months ago
There is indeed a far right in Canada. I never said that it was in government. It is on Disqus.
Shaktim 10 months ago
Yet there are men in PRISON who have women writing them love letters and even getting married to them-they can't do much 'pursuing' from behind bars. There is a pathology that exists in many women's mind. It is self-evident.
Mikar 10 months ago
Actually he has a long history of that. Are you familiar with his and his teammates record?
Kerg 10 months ago
The mere fact that a 'religion' has caused so many shootings and murders within it's religious belief system it remains significant to understand that 'religions' have cause the separation of one from another, and in so doing the 'other person' is not seen as an equal.
Meztilabar 9 months ago
I think the very fact that law goes back as far as we can see tells us most societies and tribes have always thought this and want there to be group standards for good behavior.
Akinolabar 9 months ago
I this was my first fwb that's what i would change. I rather just be single and abstainent till a real boyfriend comes a long. I'm just looking to boyfriend status. I don't want to get married rn too much to lose at this point.
Tozilkree 9 months ago
Go back to a comment I made to you about fighting the proper way...
Nadal 9 months ago
All morality is subjective. It will change and evolve as we do. In a thousand years, many of our morals will have changed. That being said, some morals are more concrete than others (murder, etc)
Vuzil 9 months ago
Says the bumpkin.....
Kajilkree 9 months ago
But dogs can't marry. They're not a man or woman. Jack Philips violated his religious beliefs to make a wedding cake for a dog wedding. He then refused to make a cake for a human wedding just because the people in it were gay. He is a criminal.
Kajishakar 8 months ago
Man. It's hard to say anything
Samubei 8 months ago
"You don't even grasp that "innocent until proven guilty"
Mazukinos 8 months ago
My understanding is that Hovind was convicted of "structuring". that is, withdrawing money in small enough increments to avoid required reportings, and that is illegal. If I am wrong about that, please correct me. He claimed that the money was being used for additional construction on his theme park. He went to federal prison for 10 years, his wife divorced him, his kid took over his ministry, and won't give it back, so basically, he lost everything

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