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736 11:118 months ago

"I lived in the Middle East while working on a public health campaign. Many of the "sexist" qualities we pin to traditional culture and Christianity in the US are amplified there. Women have this role, men have this role, women have to cover this, men don't have to cover that, etc. I used to think how could they stand it. Then I started talking to women I felt close to. They said two things I still carry with me 1) women becoming like men isn't progress, it's just mimicking men 2) they are valued for what they are (women, mothers, grandmothers) versus what they're not."

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Mikam 8 months ago
It shows that NYC has learned when you price the poor out of your city and force them to live in Jersey, the crime rates in neighboring cities in Jersey goes up, and the the crime rates where only the well off can afford to live unsurprisingly decrease.
Vudolabar 8 months ago
Buddhism does not necessarily lack a god belief
Kazidal 7 months ago
You seem to be unfamiliar with the basics of constitutional democracy.
Shaktinris 7 months ago
If one applied for a US or another country's visa and received it, and flew there from Syria one is a legitimate war refugee. If one is in a safe country and crosses illegally its border to another safe country, he is not fleeing from danger, and thus can't apply for refugee status.
Kazilrajas 7 months ago
Fox has been waiting for this for a while
Sarisar 7 months ago
Happy to trigger you. Your kind is too full of hate to ever respond to reason. Wallow in it. It is all you have. I don't have to wait for Remembrance Day to remember why people like you must be opposed. Lest we forget.
Arashira 7 months ago
not at all. just wanted clarification of your comment.
Shakarn 6 months ago
Your post is more amusing than Trumps quip about Canada burning down the WH.
Moogutilar 6 months ago
Your bitch Obama got chumped . Ransom and five terrorist leaders is how HE handled situations like this. Wipe the Kenyan off your face.
Goltikinos 6 months ago
You are making a fool of yourself here OU.
Gakora 6 months ago
What mistake have I made now?
Arami 6 months ago
You say that as if you take issue with what I wrote.
Mogis 5 months ago
Obama's massive ego almost turned America socialist!-- I hate that mofo!
Kekasa 5 months ago
I'm going to get hate for this - but...
Zulkik 5 months ago
Andrea WILL make Ontario an even bigger economic basketcase. At EAST $2.5B annually for her sanctuary province BS, that is being downplayed in the MSM. The last thin we need to another spend, spend, spend gov to further destroy our economy.
Vozil 5 months ago
Most whites are democrats. They need the government. Slavery is over where? Have you ever heard of the minimum wage? You have addressed it here already. Its basically modern day slavery. And you tell them, to work harder for your master until you die and get nothing in the end. Just a dumb Republican who can't show me any place in the world where you dumb ideas work. Most advanced countries are social democracies.
Nashakar 5 months ago
Hitler believed in the Pope Pius XII (former cardinal Pacelli) who as a papal nuncio to Germany facilitated his ascent to power
Migore 4 months ago
Can you comprehend the quoted Jewish text? The King of Israel will be son of God.
Maushura 4 months ago
No, my grandkids are not old enough for children of their own yet but once you get to 3/4 of a century you are old
Tajar 4 months ago
Pattern . ?
Mozshura 4 months ago
"Come on, we have discussed everything here and I have refuted each point."
Kidal 4 months ago
The Scriptures are not a book about "moral values".
Mujinn 4 months ago
Quick glances FTW!
Kimuro 3 months ago
I am the one who was discouraging you from labeling people as Christians - remember.
Tecage 3 months ago
And the facts show you don't need a god to be moral, and that having a god doesn't make you moral.
Jurg 3 months ago
which is why I never understood why this has become a "theist vs atheist" thing
Tygoshicage 3 months ago
It's a pleasure to serve :oD
Vudogar 3 months ago
And now their debt stands at $45B. I wonder how that happened.
Zumi 3 months ago
LOL, with any struggle between the corporations or government, government will always win. Think GM. Or Hillary getting "protection money" from Wall Street. The government controls that relationship, keeping small businesses down because big ones are easier to control and more compliant. Only takes a few strokes of the pen to end that and move towards a leftist paradise. All over the developed world, governments make it harder and harder for private industry to survive. who takes over then? Government.
Zologul 3 months ago
Lol, maybe she had second thoughts about getting our input.
Vukree 3 months ago
I did - I just don't understand how you believe that women don't have the same rights as men - indeed they have more - and why you don't seem to grasp that the "feminist" movement is simply seeking to further the gap in the rights department over men. Nor do I see how that has anything to do with "restricting them" and "preventing them from doing wrong".
Nejind 2 months ago
The gospels tell of Joseph traveling to Bethlehem due to a census. (Luke 2:1-7) This is often attributed to the census Quirinius took when Syria annexed Judea in 6CE. However, no one in that census was required to travel to their city of birth. It was well recorded and that is not only a fabrication but an absurdity. Jesus of Nazareth needed to be born in Bethlehem to fulfill prophecy. Had he not been a real person and just a fabrication, the fabrication could have been born anywhere in the world you wanted him to be born. The real person's place of birth was an inconvenient fact that needed to be corrected. Therefore, the gospels, through their dishonesty and historical inaccuracies, prove that Jesus of Nazareth was a real person.
Bamuro 2 months ago
You don't get to make that kind of choice, nature will takes its normal course, you won't even know you are dead.
Mutaur 2 months ago
Lets make this simple:
Sashura 2 months ago
Like I said, it's a long shot but one worth taking.

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