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"The Baker thing, you think you should be able to refuse service to gays based off religious bigotry"

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First I have to tell you something about my wife. They had a conversation and between chats with the pub landlord and Garvet all parties were satisfied everything was okay.

" "You're not letting me here naked and go home, are you?" "I had planned something else, but that's not a bad idea either!" "Oh no, please don't. Eventually her fingers started playing with the pins, pulling on them, twisting them. Thought I'd do a bit Lesbin clea-" Without warning Troy put his hands around my throat and pushed me down on the dining room table, he moved one hand away from my throat and over the mouth.

she whimpered in our kiss, and I knew she felt my hot cum soaking into her spasming cervix deep in her hot pussy.

She was willing to explore the art of kissing.

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Kazigal 1 month ago
wow you have only 4 doctors LOL
Aralabar 1 month ago
So, you meant "yes" when you wrote "no"? Very diplomatic.
Nijin 4 weeks ago
No, it is reality. Read my post to Pan Genek below.
Tugal 3 weeks ago
So this is what the next 4 years are going to be like
Tojasho 2 weeks ago
Oh. Well then. Carry on.
Shajind 2 weeks ago
Jesus said all his dad's rules and laws remain in play until earth passes away. Is the earth still here? Just a simple yes or no, please.
Telabar 2 weeks ago
Mike, do you know what the day is? And what the night is?
Daill 5 days ago
It's about both

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