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">So, there is a plethora of evidence to believe in God, just not the empirical proof you require"

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Mautaur 11 months ago
... and thats all folks!
Niramar 11 months ago
What in the hell is a " cultural fascist" ? Are you another young wacko ?
Shazil 11 months ago
1&2 Assertions without evidence
Tojabei 11 months ago
38 religions is not a farce? Really? I am a life time atheist. Religions are all appalling.
Bashicage 10 months ago
Wouldn't your wife mind? lolol :oP
Julrajas 10 months ago
I do not think so. Carrier's scholarship is pretty suspect in the first place. In the second, there is at least one extra-biblical reference to Jesus in Tacitus that a majority of scholars accept as genuine and not added or changed by later scribes.
Mikazahn 10 months ago
No you are cheerleading a lack cause.
Mezicage 10 months ago
I appreciate the explanation, but I wasn't making those generalizations in my voice. I was saying that is the Republican election strategy - convince voters that Dems want to take your guns, want to take your culture, etc.
Arazilkree 10 months ago
Follow the money.
Tygoktilar 9 months ago
Okay, then. Why don't you prove magicians are using demons to perform their tricks? Go on.
Mikakora 9 months ago
We understand that. You're not alone. Just do your best.
Shakam 9 months ago
Like 100% sure? How are you so certain? What gives you that certainty?
Kagazahn 9 months ago
Hey Teigha..long time no see.
Kazracage 9 months ago
1.A science teacher should teach science. If a question related to Christian beliefs arises, the science teacher should provide the answer according to science. No ridiculing.
Kikora 8 months ago
"If we are to have separation of church and state, should high school science teachers be allowed to ridicule Christianity, for example, in class, or are they required to be neutral toward religion?"
Dale 8 months ago
I am not.
Dazuru 8 months ago
"What can or should the Church do to regain its relevance in modern society?"
Dagrel 8 months ago
Don?t believe the CO2 bullshit.
Malashakar 8 months ago
Sadly, I'm a bit out of the loop, being a bit too distracted by the necessity of paying off student loans to engage in as much research as I'd like. Thanks for the Rodriguez essay! From what I can tell, the criticisms in this volume seem to fall along the same lines as the usual criticisms of Meier; that is, they're aimed at the primary criteria, but the only targets they actually hit are Q and scholars who misuse the criteria in an attempt to solidify more material as "core."
Groll 7 months ago
I'm very sleepy on this Throwback Thursday morning. I woke up at 6:20 this morning and made it to my desk at 7:31. My granddaughter is officially in daycare. She had fun on her first day. I need a burst of energy right now before end up dozing off at my desk. Here's today's throwback jam.
Bagul 7 months ago
I was more apocalyptic
Mezilkis 7 months ago
You are a moderator?
Zugis 7 months ago
Not always. Some people go to parties to see, be seen, and to gossip, that is superficial and I stay far away from those. But some, where everyone is engaged and really likes one another are great and meaningful.
Goltile 6 months ago
"And using your logic, if any negative claim (it does not exist) cannot be proven, then that negative claim is somehow not valid."
Kagarg 6 months ago
I can relate to what you said a bit.
Faegor 6 months ago
I work in the trucking industry, with real Canadians working for us. I know you ain't from Ontario, but maybe the next time you are in the Toronto area, have a look at fellows driving transport trucks. Yesterday they were in the container, today they pull the container. They have driven the industry to shit. I ain't a fan of any of them. Sorry.
Yozshugrel 6 months ago
I asked you to PROVE that homosexuality is inherited, genetic. You could not. That is why I responded as I did; I had that question in mind and assumed you were providing some "proof" that it is "inherited."
Zulrajas 6 months ago
Oh! You mean that unchristian conduct marks the perpetrator a Christian?
Grokasa 6 months ago
mine is messing up

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