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"As someone else in this discussion pointed out, it's hard to see the ecosystem as perfectly designed and balanced when 98% of species went extinct even before humanity entered the picture."

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Mazunos 9 months ago
lol, that dodges the question but it was pretty funny.
Vogis 9 months ago
Non-responsive. Atheism was merely a component.
Tutaur 9 months ago
In the name of science, do you need an objective observation on how you good feel?
Tojaramar 9 months ago
OK, I see.
Kitaur 8 months ago
Haha, looks like I was right!
Mukree 8 months ago
Nah. No need to post a death list. That would change the topic of discussion.
Tojashakar 8 months ago
News Views easily.
Aralkree 7 months ago
Yeah but this doesn't fit the liberal agenda. They will always need victims and actually fixing the problem isn't what they want.
Arashinris 7 months ago
Nahh nahhh u staying lol
Shakatilar 7 months ago
This reminds me when I was playing football in college and the school paper sent a female reporter to interview us after a game. The equipment manager came into the locker room with eyes as big as saucers and said "it's a "girl" reporter out there" . You never saw so many guys scrambling to get dressed in your life
Moogut 7 months ago
To which it's only fair to observe: no one thought this was a reasonable interpretation of scripture until after Jesus had died, and there was interest in justifying his life as prophetic.

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