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922 03:2210 months ago

"Israel is the only Jewish country in the World."

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"Not half" he said and moved towards her. Not everyone thought of Cindy in this way.

I didn't want to be a dad, but vdeo thought that I could have impregnated Erica was so fucking hot. Could mean tell. The first cop took a jacket from inside the car and handed it to her. It then stood up on two legs and looked right at me. "Fucker.

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Guzshura 10 months ago
"You are trolling me..."
Yozshuktilar 10 months ago
Heating and cooling of Earth's atmosphere?
Mit 10 months ago
I'll take that last. Activity is forbidden. But in principle, intent is a really bad idea. "Any man who keeps looking at a woman with lust has already committed adultery in his heart." Activity strictly forbidden (adultery) as well as a serious
Vizilkree 10 months ago
Without him, Jesus would have lived and you wouldn't even know anything about him.
Taunris 9 months ago
There is another most valuable lesson Trump can learn from German history:
Dokora 9 months ago
History shows that my claim is accurate. Further, did you actually answer my question?
Mirn 9 months ago
Great to hear.
Shakree 9 months ago
Not that I'm a fan of Howard Stern do you have any factual information that supports your claims or are you just wildly throwing out rumors like most of these people if you want to talk about this and see what happened to having sufficient evidence before making what I assume is baseless rumors and character defamation no offense just trying to be analytical about this LOL
Gardalkree 9 months ago
I do, so youre wrong again,
Gulkis 9 months ago
Wha? My point is that liberals are fundamentalists in their attempt to protect all Muslims from all things critical.
Fenriramar 9 months ago
Oh yes, the Hindus DO have the creator God, Isvara. That is the one that guides the 'disintegration' skillfully. The "Oneness" (Brahman) becomes Isvara when it dreams the 'disintegration'. The universe is an illusion, a 'dream' and the dreamer is God.
Faecage 9 months ago
Monsters. It was their only draw. Now I gotta go to Denny's in protest.
Daishicage 8 months ago
The phobia for Christianity is totally irrational as its main message is to love one's neighbour, and even one's enemy.
Faetaur 8 months ago
I just came her for the boobs and beers. Why did you forget the beers?
Tygogis 8 months ago
THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mizil 8 months ago
Jefferson user the bible as it was easy to get. He did not belive in the resurrection or any of that. Look up the Jefferson bible.
Kitaxe 7 months ago
And you come to that conclusion because I refuse to accept a whole lot of bullshit invented in a vacuum of evidence? Pft. Keep your opinion, for all I care.
Nikorr 7 months ago
I know what you said and I've demonstrated in spades how you have misrepresented Jack Philips motives, thereby misrepresenting the actual facts of the case.
Brale 7 months ago
Hope it improves, whatever it takes. Measure passed with wide bipartisan support. I'm just skeptical thinking of prisons, military, disaster relief that was privatized before.
Taukora 7 months ago
Don Valley West [LIB-PC] Wynne may not only suffer the ignominy of losing government, she has a very good chance of losing her seat as well. Still, she remains personally very popular in her riding while sources say her PC challenger, Jon Kieran, has put off some potential supporters with what some campaigners in the riding say is an attitude that?s a bit too brash. Fun trivia note: The last time an Ontario party leader lost their own seat in a general election was in 2007 when then PC leader John Tory ran and lost in this riding, Don Valley West. Remember who he lost to? Kathleen Wynne.
Faenris 7 months ago
...but...the burns on the naughty bits...
Gardagis 6 months ago
we have a fanboy!
Sazuru 6 months ago
Your mom's vagina smells like fresh picked rhubarb.
Murisar 6 months ago
When countries subsidize certain manufactured goods and products and/or have cheap labor, and we do not for those same products manufactured here, we are at a disadvantage in a global market.
Kajinos 6 months ago
It's one of those sh!tty facts of life that have no easy answer because of how many variables there are. I am of the opinion that work and private life can and should be separated. And that if the twain should ever meet, the only appropriate thing to do is carry on as normal when you're both back in your usual environment. Unfortunately, a few too many ruffled feathers have made such reasonable compartmentalizing impossible. Soooooo, now we have to deal with blurred lines and controversy. Awesome.
Madal 6 months ago
"testable evidence"? So basically you don't accept any historical evidence of anything, is that right?
Mazucage 5 months ago
"Paul has no knowledge that Jesus had a ministry, Paul doesn't say anything about Jesus's baptism by John, Jesus's temptation in the wilderness, his selection of disciples, his miracles, his healings, his exorcisms, his conflicts with his own family and scribes, Pharisees, and priests, his parables, his all-important teachings on the Kingdom, his classic sermon on the mount, his teaching on / interpretation of / the Law, his semi-vocation as a carpenter, or even his spectacular raising of Lazarus."
Fetaur 5 months ago
And burned down the White House!

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