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"Many professional athletes will tell you it was ridicule that got them to train harder. Hulk Hogan was a fat kid."

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We need to stop my husbands going tewns be back soon" Raaj stopped and looked at me "Fine.

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Malara 7 months ago
get your sweet .......... onto banned camp and vote for your favorite c*ckbag ;)
Yozshuran 7 months ago
"Prior to the more serious allegations, a number of people came forward last fall to accuse Hehr of being disrespectful and belittling towards them, including thalidomide survivors who said he called their cause a ?sob story.?"
Aramuro 7 months ago
"Is the Bible a reliable method for calculating the age of earth and incidentally the universe?"
Kajihn 7 months ago
I don't know who Croft is but as a jungle war vet you don't want to be running around in short pants and tank top, I can assure you
Dailmaran 7 months ago
I?ve never heard of that, but that would make sense. However that?s not the case for the Ram. Studies have shown that some Rams have demonstrated a sexual preference to other males even when other Sheep were available.
Tule 7 months ago
It seems to me it's instructive look at Western Countries that haven't separated Church and State. Canada, Denmark, the UK, Sweden, Belgium, Germany.
Daigor 7 months ago
Unfortunately, you can take out far more than that.
Nirr 6 months ago
It isn't a secret. You just have to lose your dissonance to see it. Or actually look for it.
Kajihn 6 months ago
You poor thing. Voluntarily imprisoned in your sanctimonious ivory tower.
Gakree 6 months ago
I normally don't applaud coarse language, but in this I wholly agree.
Vinos 5 months ago
Of course they do not.
Kigakasa 5 months ago
Aye count to God in Heaven and that means more than all the world to me...
Jusar 5 months ago
I've never heard of such, but then I live in Texas.
Gardalabar 5 months ago
Yah... but given that she would have, under the same law, been stoned to death for being raped... it was super-nice to force the father to accept as compensation (for his property damage) the price of a used Hyundai. Yahway to go!!!
Zuran 5 months ago
That sounds more plausible. He totally brought her the coffee and snack so she could relax. I like it.
Bat 4 months ago
No, quite different. At least Wynne and Horvath address the subject. Ford often talks about something completely unrelated. It indicates that either he had no idea how to talk about that subject, or just didn't listen to the question. Notably, in the PC Leadership debates he stood out as the only one who didn't answer or even talk about what was asked. Mulroney did. Elliott did. Even Granic Allen did.
Golkis 4 months ago
And who ever cares,will not care in 2 years when your GONE,except maybe your family.
Kibar 4 months ago
Or a Russian troll sewing descent.
Zululkree 4 months ago
I understand the dynamics of the situation as two of my best friends over the years were transgendered. People don't owe a trans person the legitimacy of their pretense. It is a courtesy. And we want to be courteous as a rule.
Dilmaran 3 months ago
Ah, the exquisite desperation of a corrupt liar. What she really is urging is for us to elect enough Liberals to maintain party status. To that we should all say, "No."
Zulkik 3 months ago
I don't know about the GTA, are white people out numbered there? Regardless there's lots of white people all over Ontario that can go out and vote too.
Kazilmaran 3 months ago
Okay... you're the one who's apparently jealous of a character you insist is imaginary.
Mojas 3 months ago
What opponent? The co-opted DNC does not have a candidate, does not have a clue on how to create a viable candidate. They are not working on it, have no plans to start working on it. Hypotheticals about 'what to do if' are just a diversion from the DNC incompetence, which serves both sides.
Nihn 3 months ago
I don't believe this to be the case. Many men are fools at some point in their lives.
Tut 3 months ago
Galerius has a bad rap thanks to Constantine and Lactantius. He actually tried to steer his own government away from persecuting Christians, but was rewritten as a persecutor by Constantine to justify seizing power from him.
Voodoogami 3 months ago
She was a trooper, I would have cried. I did when I had a bad accident a few years ago. Ambulance rides are fun.??
JoJokasa 3 months ago
Inaction is a different concern, perhaps I shouldnt have conflated inaction with action or been more specific. But its interesting, I'll digress-

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