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Mezikree 1 year ago
For the record one cannot point at nothing but that isn't the POINT. The point is if you CAN point to it, it's not "nothing".
Viramar 1 year ago
by you perhaps.
Tosar 1 year ago
To you. I don't think that even you are that dense.
Kigagul 1 year ago
my favorite is people passing judgment here on those passing judgment when they were just in the abortion thread passing judgment.
Yozshugore 11 months ago
The specifics in those cases vary, as there are rules that apply depending on if its a condition of employment, for the convenience of the employer, a higher education institution as you mentioned, etc. For most employees with provided housing, it is taxable, but i do think you're right about the universities having some leeway, though i dont know what all it entails.
Vikazahn 11 months ago
It is correct (you even implied such) and I never limited their use to restriction of trade although that has been their primary usage for quite some time.
Dizilkree 11 months ago
who are you again..... lol....
Darr 11 months ago
A lame excuse for a poor choice.
Samull 11 months ago
What is it about us primates.? Still backward?.I would say so as evidenced by men and women chasing a ball all over creation . they are still enamored about discovery of the wheel. So vain yet..
Tojakora 10 months ago
It?s harder with parents because they always think they know more and you are their kid
Tauktilar 10 months ago
You have a remarkably dim view of the intellectual history of the terms you're discussing. Omnipotence as a characterization of "God"
Doulrajas 10 months ago
It is ok... I posted on HS about the weekend.
Taujas 10 months ago
I wouldn't see it that way. I'd see it that he was courteous enough to not try to interfere with her degree.
Tojora 10 months ago
I want made in china products and I am pro gun. She is beautiful and I support her for her beauty.
Gukinos 10 months ago
Well.... you just opened your mouth to say that so...
Faukree 10 months ago
I am 100% certain that there is no creator "outside" the universe, because I find such a concept to be incoherent. The "universe" is all there is. "Outside the universe" isn't a phrase that makes sense.
Danos 10 months ago
Hobby Lobby already showed religion can be used as a means to discriminate. Citizens United demonstrated that businesses can have the same rights as individuals. You've already admitted individuals can discriminate and on the basis of religion. You lost your argument long ago, you just haven't been willing to admit it even though you have drifted out of sight of the shore.
Nat 10 months ago
Well sure. But to say that because scientists MIGHT be wrong, that we shouldn't listen to them, is just palpable stupidity.
Kagarr 9 months ago
Yes agreed I do think this is within reason
Shakajind 9 months ago
Easier said than done. Organisations like Educate Together has attempted to do exactly that, and they are getting some headway. However, when the Catholic Church owns 92% of the schools, just opening up hundreds or thousands of more schools just to get parity isn't really the solution, for economic reasons if nothing else.
Negore 9 months ago
Alien children are animals!
Kagakasa 9 months ago
How many Christians chop off heads or blow people up or fly planes into buildings?
Akinobei 9 months ago
He bowed out of tomorrow morning's meeting on climate change. They're probably better off without his obstructionism. At least there's a chance they'll accomplish something.
Kagajind 9 months ago
I don't think Luke quotes Matthew - the shared Luke/Matthew material is Q. Neither Luke or Matthew had access to each other's Gospels.
Tygokora 8 months ago
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) found that the health benefits of newborn male circumcision outweigh the risks, but the benefits are not great enough to recommend universal newborn circumcision.

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