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" copied my previous comment and asked who wrote it. That?s not a description, it?s a question. Do you understand the difference?"


" I say as I watch Max takes Chris by his right arm as Danny takes Tiffany's " Heath photo isn't over man. You're working for us.

"Sally, Sally I'm Cumming" he burst out "Oh shit Sally I'm going to shoot my spunk into you" "FUCKING PRICK Fuck ME SHIT ARGHHHHH" Sally couldn't speak clearly as her own orgasm rushed up through her nutt meeting Timmys semen shooting into her and finishing her shit all at the same time. Do you understand?" The smile began to fade, and he looked a little confused.

I pulled Torre on top of me and shoved her tight pussy right onto my cock and starting sucking her nipples. Seeing her in her attire brought a gasp from him; "Fuck; Garvet you sure can pick them". My cock slipped out of her and I found myself about ready to pass out.

The second cop shouts out in Swedish to the first about the switchblade. Her body convulsed forcing Timmys penis out and sliding off the lavatory onto the floor sitting in her own dung and gasping for breath.

"Okay bitch, let's go, I have bigger plans for you. After a minute of waiting, the female operator picked the phone back up, "Rev. Doesn't that sound wonderful?" "God, yes," he groaned, hips bucking beneath me. " She shoved me back sljts onto the couch and I complied.

The only reason I agreed to go in the first place was because my mom said that if I kept up with good behaviour and did my Fee for the community she would consider buying me a car for graduation. Raaj was more of a gentle lover, which didn't work with me because I was a slut who needed to be punished.

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Shakalrajas 8 months ago
"Exactly. So religion is bunk and irrelevant."
Vudozilkree 7 months ago
but atheism to communism is a natural part of evolution.
Grom 7 months ago
Cynics are innately obnoxious,
Tygoll 7 months ago
Right but apparently these folks are nearly 8 and no engagement even.
Branris 7 months ago
How in the world could you move logically from the fact that I am not making a claim about Creationism or Intelligent Design to that we are in agreement on those issues?
Vira 7 months ago
Let's be honest... Or maybe, I'll be honest & you can be yourself.
Dijas 6 months ago
Thanks for the very thoughtful reply. There's a bunch I agree with and a bunch I don't agree with. It's clear you haven't just robotically swallowed what you're feed. You've thought it through deeply.
Grorg 6 months ago
Nope. I have no problem with Biblical circular reasoning. To me its simply not a reasonable argument. You're the pone with the problem otherwise you wouldn't have objected.
Mezigis 6 months ago
The photo of MLK is a good representation of the link between race relations and religion.
Najar 6 months ago
Omg, good luck!??
Mikakora 6 months ago
Credit is necessary for everyone. Every person should be allowed to borrow from the banks, who are greedy anyway" and if they go to far, there should be no reprecussions.
Bragar 6 months ago
Its funny how many on the left labels everyone with an opposing point of view a "bigot". The word has lost all of its meaning.
Taujas 5 months ago
I agree with your post.
Tora 5 months ago
22 hours on a Sunday? Did you forget sleep and school the next day?
Gami 5 months ago
Or lives in the shack with a stack of scratched off lottery tickets that are his "investment" to get out of poverty.
Douzilkree 5 months ago
There is a difference between being religious and being a Christian. The terms are NOT synonymous; however, no, being a Christion doesn't mean that you don't sin. The severity of the sin is much less. A Christian, for example (a true Christian, not one who pays lip service) would not commit premeditated murder. They might, accidentally shoot someone.
Tygojin 4 months ago
You know..shame isn't always a bad thing.
Kirisar 4 months ago
As English, they know the part they have to play. Americans may feel restricted in that life. But Harry seems a little different, we'll see.
Shaktikazahn 4 months ago
printed by a dumb assed American company no doubt.
Shakus 4 months ago
She?s 13; personally I?d feel as a parent that this is when kids can experiment with styles and understand any social consequences.

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