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"Oh, well, this is the almighty, omniscient, benevolent etc etc deity you talk about? DO you know who the chief deity of Christians is?"

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"Yes; even on their anniversary it seems the gentry can not manage on their own" he joked. I told her I enjoyed it a lot. When we pulled up in front of a nice ranch style bungalow Bill got out.

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Well, usually not with girls. But the theater was far from where I lived and it was unlikely that anyone I knew would be anywhere close to there.

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Yonos 10 months ago
You and your 10 friends hardly define the norm, when there are about 260 million Christians in this country.
Zolora 10 months ago
Paul was a Pharisee as Saul of Tarsus.
Mezilabar 10 months ago
Same to you Alan!
Mezigore 10 months ago
Most rapists never even get accused in the first place.
Tele 10 months ago
I don't know what a "no-contact rule" is, but I have a feeling it's what people used to call "breaking up"?
Gabei 10 months ago
You started it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Moogucage 9 months ago
"Sin" is just doing something your god doesn't like. Nothing to do with morality. Just authority.
Kazisho 9 months ago
THE original treatise on it...
Gazil 9 months ago
Feels better already !!
Vudolar 9 months ago
Seems to be the sensible way to take it.
Zulumuro 9 months ago
Have to say the man is either dumb as fuck, or he has balls of granite for tampering with witnesses in the middle of the indictments he is facing. I guess you have little to lose if you are already expecting to die in prison.
Yozshusida 8 months ago
Rolling my eyes...
Vizilkree 8 months ago
But vast bodies of work does not earn the title "Science". What you are invoking is your misguided belief that all of science agrees with your Scientism.
Grogrel 8 months ago
Yeah, it's not like France or the UK have any sort of military and after all, military is the only thing that counts?
Tugis 8 months ago
They do when they?re selective
Tajind 8 months ago
Dems haven't been in charge of spending since 2010.
Dagar 7 months ago
You are blaming. You have stripped poverty of all context just to denigrate poor people. It may make you feel good but it doesn?t even tell half the story
Mitaxe 7 months ago
We can't keep track of everything about each other! There are too many of us and not enough brain cells... or maybe that's just me. :)
Shatilar 7 months ago
I am an atheist myself. I do not get into discussions about religion with people in real life. I accept that people have faith. But it seems that most will say that it is a leap of faith, not reason.
Tojajas 7 months ago
Picture from their last Christmas party...
Mojin 7 months ago
Well, it's hardly funny. What's more, the way that Christianity has caused societies to treat women, Muslims, atheists, homosexuals and all manner of groups is distinctly less than funny.
Faem 7 months ago
It's just a figure of speech.
Faukinos 6 months ago
I'm glad you've chosen to get yourself educated.

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