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"Indeed, the end of slavery in the UK in the late 1830s still found labor unions there illegal, and the eight hour day a long ways off. And FDR?s New Deal hardly did away with Corporate Executive control of their enterprises and Employee disenfranchisement, leading to the Reagan/Corporate neoliberal reaction that currently reigns supreme in the US and worldwide. However, those are hardly justifications against taking progressive steps."

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Gobei 1 year ago
If you remove God from a book meant to teach about God, you cannot have correctly interpreted that book.
Gurg 1 year ago
I guess I'd have to disagree with your view of who Gillette is then. God bless.
Nagrel 1 year ago
Only in your world. You would be okay to end her life five minutes before her birth and yet you get all moral five minutes after. Again I think that works in your world but the world that works in is getting smaller every day.
Mezikree 11 months ago
You too. Good night, to your moon.
Faujas 11 months ago
Are there jobs in the area? good jobs, not sh*tty ones lol
Malajar 11 months ago
Lmao.. I do not, that was just what happened to pass this morning. You should have seen my face. I'm like oh chit, avoid eye contact.
Nanris 11 months ago
This is a good point, and I think you're probably right.
Shalkis 11 months ago
Do you have statistics or facts that back that up or is that just a feeling you have?
Akinodal 11 months ago
Yes, it is quite the horror....some of you have little understanding of what it means to be respectful of other people's children.
Vonris 10 months ago
Odd that someone who claims to have objective morality, engages in such childish name calling.
Samushura 10 months ago
LeAst respected nasa admin person ever
Dirisar 10 months ago
Or is my English to blame or your religious blindness that shielded you from what I was trying to explain.
Mugal 10 months ago
neither do I, that is why I asked.... dummy... lol
Kagasho 10 months ago
The kind that killed that Palestinian baby that the Israelis threw in her tent?
Zujas 10 months ago
My attitude is that if Donna Reed is your spirit animal, then great. You do you.
Voshakar 9 months ago
That sucks on all sorts of levels.
Zulull 9 months ago
The answer to 5 is you want to make sure you're not embarrassing yourself if you're making a huge claim overturning established science... and it turns out there was an instrumentation error or something like that.
Miran 9 months ago
No, the couple here is for "special rights."
Murn 9 months ago
So you are saying kill them off and take their organs. It could work. I think it would be good idea as well to take organs from all prisoners to make them pay for their time in prison.
Akijind 8 months ago
Is one no longer 'useful' to the world if they feel they have nothing left to learn? I wouldn't want to have to argue that before a panel. However, I was speaking existentially not practically. The goal of knowledge is to come to the end of the quest for knowledge. The goal of the knowledge-seeker is satisfaction, peace of mind. Not usefulness.
Zulum 8 months ago
Sure thing. Start one and then invite me and whomever else you'd like. I'm pressed for time but would love a discussion if you don't mind the lag. I dont want to annoy the mods here and have little patience for their censorship. It is their channel and I will abide, even if I don't like it, I am a guest in the end.
Nesida 8 months ago
Why would it affect policy, it's a report about a hot month.
Yozshugis 8 months ago
The bad mind is setan (human).
Zolojin 8 months ago
The fallout is more because people did not agree with his statements, what can you do? That is the risk you take if you make public statements that a majority of the public and your fans do not agree with. That is what you signed up for if you make your living off of the public.
Vokus 8 months ago
Agree. Jesus is God. But the Child in the earth today is also Jesus.
Mitaxe 7 months ago
No, no, no. How certain are you?
Vojin 7 months ago
Still doesn't prove that god's real.
Zujin 7 months ago
I've seen a handful of women talk about it online, but every woman I've met IRL says the opposite.
Majora 7 months ago
Don't be afraid to catch feelz
Zololrajas 7 months ago
Where in the hell am I comparing one over the other. I am talking about mutilating a non consenting victim's body for the supersitions and unwarranted and unproven fears of a damn 'god' that no one has ever proven exists.

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