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"That is so unique! I <3 it!"

Big Breasted Babe Bangs Basketball Coach!

As MY brother states it you three betrayed him. All of a sudden, we heard a sound of shuffling feet a short distance away and I pulled my hand out of his pants immediately.

Big Breasted Babe Bangs Basketball Coach!

"Honey, I had a great bargain, I bought this dress with 30 off, and these boots with 40 off. Then he forced his head back again and turned his mouth toward the other man who spit also.

We go up and knock on the door. They were already poking through the material. We heard his low moaning as he was taking in every second of the show we put on for him. He slightly turned his head and smiled at me. Detective Sergeant Dianna Shepherd was going through the criminal records of wex missing people she had been assigned to find.

I remember you" "Oh God.

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Yozshular 11 months ago
Twinkle twinkle little star works too
Mikalrajas 11 months ago
Clearly you fear the gay. This usually stems from insecurity about your own sexuality. I'm sorry.
Voodookus 11 months ago
... then maybe you shouldn't have peppered your question with terms like "anti-theist".
Ararg 11 months ago
And this is all part and parcel of our New Life in Christ.
Nilabar 10 months ago
They fight each other to the death
Gorn 10 months ago
No law respecting a religion is passed if a person is informed by his faith.
Arat 10 months ago
There is always the BOSS God when there are multiple gods. They're called "expansions of God" in Hinduism.
Digal 10 months ago
So, maybe "production" is a better term.
Arashiran 10 months ago
"Nope" to what?
Gardajind 9 months ago
Right, so we are stuck in the circular logic trap of everyone being a "bad guy" and you refusing to make a distincition.
Mejar 9 months ago
I seem to be a tad out of step with the majority here. Most posters seem to think that the continuation of the species should be a high priority for these colonists. I don't see it that way. For me, we have a small community with limited resources in a hostile environment. I would think that their primary concern would be the survival and well-being of the group. My answers will be formulated on that basis.
Tujas 9 months ago
troll troll troll troll...TROLL!
Nisar 9 months ago
It's gettin' all Friday up in here.
Bar 9 months ago
You?re not an American so stop lying about it...
Gazil 9 months ago
You're right. Maybe that's why Jesus founded an Authoritative church to teach the Truth of what scripture says and how Christians should live.
Shakamuro 8 months ago
rose is one of the few who risked it all, to come out early, unlike all the stars who came out after they collected!!!
Tygorg 8 months ago
Aww.. he has a smiley face! :)
Nale 8 months ago
Yes. They have the right to speak that. I don't have to tolerate their views at all. Racism isn't a protected class, and if someone is refused service based on that, it isn't discrimination.
Shacage 8 months ago
Considering I've gotten caught looking..took out my powder compact so I could watch someone walk away. I probably shouldn't comment here??
Vudojora 8 months ago
If your meals are coming out of a can I wouldn't be worrying about the expiry date of it. You on the other hand might be expiring a bit early.
Araramar 8 months ago
true but I wouldn't say, christians committed mass murder here the same way I don't agree it's fair to blame atheists for crimes just because they are atheist
Talabar 8 months ago
Thanks.! Better over the hill than under it!! GBY
Tall 7 months ago
One guideline is if the fetus can survive outside the womb and grow to full term it's a separate entity. My old girlfriends daughter was a premie.and now 24 years later she's a strong healthy lady. Of course she was wanted right from the beginning and that was her mother's CHOICE.
Kajinos 7 months ago
I have paid taxes to the government since I was 16 years old. Did you just call me some names? Wow! This country cannot survive without a safety net in place to help people who are in transition. A needy person should be helped not called names. Your hate of government is just irrational. Quite dangerous. You must have left your brain outside the toilet.
Tejar 7 months ago
Your comment is also false. If your evidence is written, then it can be true or false. Since your evidence is merely someone's incorrect opinion, it can also be false, which it is.
Fenrir 7 months ago
First, it's nice that you've voluntarily separated yourself into the group that can't comprehend plain English. It was fairly evident before, but now it's manifest.
Gular 6 months ago
I think it's funny that you are quick to put yourself in the box of 'most Americans'.
Vukus 6 months ago
I miss waiting to watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer and X-Files.
Dijar 6 months ago
Where are your historical records to refute what he wrote? He had the advantage of actually being alive at the time.
Zuluzragore 6 months ago
New atheists are not rational. They are militant religious fundies
Shasar 6 months ago
Why should government be able to tell you who you can or cannot marry?I don't think government should issue marriage licenses, just record the marriage.
Gogis 6 months ago
Awe.....who broke you?
Kegrel 5 months ago
Looking at more houses tonight! :)

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