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"If you have spirits in you, are you haunted?"

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Mujinn 1 year ago
Yeah, it is. Its pretty sad actually...
Moogukazahn 1 year ago
So it still isn't a logical answer. How is a child's foreskin a sign of covenant?
Dagar 1 year ago
The you could admit genocide, rape, slavery are immoral. The question becomes how do we know its immoral?
Dakus 1 year ago
Ahh, ok thanks.
Kejind 1 year ago
And what? They're not afraid to let their tax returns be scrutinized. Unlike the Orange God.
Nat 1 year ago
All life respirates. Not all life has nostrils.
Tosar 1 year ago
I don't know about you, but I will do anything for love, but I won't do that.
Yokree 1 year ago
I didn't say it does. I simply disagreed with your first comment that opposing abortions wasn't a religious position."
Voodoogami 1 year ago
I am being honest and rational. I'm not the one that singularly sets up a standard for white people that dictates the only way they can avoid the 'racist' label is to be either ambivalent or hostile toward their heritage. Heaven forbid they have any pride in it, and even worse if they take steps to preserve it, the ceiling caves in.
Viktilar 1 year ago
You'll vote for her. That's in the bag that.
Tejas 1 year ago
I really think it was about the year 1000, give or take a 100 years.If you look, that was really where some key eras started stalling, but it was also almost non-stop war
Goltihn 11 months ago
They are not getting them because they are religious. Gamekeepers get cottages, tenant farmers get cottages, etc. By that yardstick, should priests also be allowed a 'housing allowance' as part of the fulfillment of their duties?
Voodoozahn 11 months ago
You know what they call uncircumcised Jewish babies?
Babar 11 months ago
Si' Aye am in it to win it!!! :) LOL!!!
Mauzuru 11 months ago
I sure hope we don't get a sequel.
Vudogor 11 months ago
I thought your god said marriage was between 1 man and 1 woman. Weird how you support this common criminal.
Kajas 10 months ago
Your opinion on it isn't relevant. It's the sacred text for Jewish people, and people with more power and stronger opinions than that haven't convinced them to give it up.
Shakahn 10 months ago
Fuck are you ever clueless. Remember all those times you were shitting on h0ly gh0st for being a moron?
Daizshura 10 months ago
I understand the BB model. It?s still not definitive of what preceded it.

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