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"Hang in there, your answer will soon come. Keep asking Him & keep looking for it."

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Grey" "How the hell-" "You were the one who did those things to Daniel. I couldn't help but think how sexy he was at this moment. (an hour later) When I called Nate, he immediately recognized my voice and asked what had taken me so long to call.

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It was going to take time to civilize these girls, but I thought I was on the right track. He was overtaken by her magnificence. I was in the grocery story doing some shopping. " He jokes and I raise an eyebrow. It was the Christmas break so I was off, and it had been suggested to me that I do some tipping along my round to make buying presents possible.

The place was a mess. I thank you two for yah young ladies for your compliance with our organization. He was built perfect but not too overdone like some of hina other steroid puffy looking body builders there.

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So yeah her friends were indeed paranoid. stop.

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Brabar 9 months ago
I think that's the thing, many people are just fine if a new finding debunks a god someone else believes in, but they take it rather personal when its the god they believe in that is being debunked.
Vole 9 months ago
What about it? Matt 5:17
Gojar 9 months ago
Which cases should it be there and how do you determine that?
Brakinos 9 months ago
It wasnt dismissed on it's merits. It was settled out of court for $900something thousand dollars.
Niktilar 8 months ago
If Jesus is everything, and nothing, then it is meaningless.
Taktilar 8 months ago
1. I believe that God is real, but is not a creator/intervener, so for me no planet or creature has been intelligently designed.
Vijin 8 months ago
I don't have feeling towards you. I've told you this time and time again. I'm flattered, but just not into that.
Dulabar 8 months ago
We have evidence of the effects of dark matter.
Zulkigal 8 months ago
Good luck getting rid of it.
Yoshura 8 months ago
Well, here's hoping the second company delivers.
Tojashakar 7 months ago
of course you don't.
Fenrisho 7 months ago
*Sigh*. I've never boasted that god does not exist. That is not my view. My view is that there is
Faebar 7 months ago
I'm glad you looked up the UCC statement of faith. I agree it is progressive. That may not be a compliment in your world but out here on the Left Coast it is. I also agree progressive and doctrinal don't work well together. The UCC is decidedly non-doctrinal.

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