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"More info needed. Was she paying a seating fee or did she believe that multiple people would come and do a bunch of work to make the shoot go well and than give prints also?? Could be that someone had know idea of how professional photographers work. I will also say that most pro photographers are clear on what each fee will be for and what is included or not."

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BLACKED Latina Fucks Her Boyfriends Roommate

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Yogrel 11 months ago
My Beliefs Lol.
Zololl 11 months ago
Annoying the judge by speaking TRUTH can't be avoided.
Tojagore 11 months ago
The constituents of the atmosphere of earth can and have been seen, just not with the naked eye. That is wind. Do you have an electron microscope picture of God? I'm not trying to belittle your faith, I am trying to save you from making a foolish and childish argument, and this is a foolish and childish argument.
Gataur 11 months ago
Okay, keep the argument on the non-disabled. By the time you get down to the disabled population, the number is really really small. The left loves to toss the lazy, greedy, and stupid in with the disabled and the temporarily poor to get the bigger number. They are not equal.
Kazraramar 11 months ago
KC. I am in total agreement,
Nara 11 months ago
It seems like there are people on both can be really, really ignorant about basic concepts of ancient historiography. Like when it comes to the historical Jesus, I've noticed that some atheists and some Christians alike have no idea at all that most people from that time period were completely illiterate.
JoJotilar 10 months ago
I'm not sure investments should be taxed at all. First, lower rates encourage saving and investing, both good things. Second, corporation should already be paying taxes on their income/profit; to tax dividends would be (is) double taxation.
Doran 10 months ago
Are you up again?
Daigor 10 months ago
They remain blind to their own hypocrisies.
Kiramar 10 months ago
Well, continued criticism of faith MAY ACTUALLY be indeed making it stronger. You simply may not realize that.
Nikolar 10 months ago
If society does away with it (which I doubt) then so be it.
Tushakar 9 months ago
I know it is a pun....that is why I said teehee...yep?
Moogugor 9 months ago
God has provided modern medicine, so I'll be using it, too! LOL!!
Meztikasa 9 months ago
False. We do know. God created life as He says in His Word.
Nanos 9 months ago
Another day another shooting in TO
Tautilar 8 months ago
i'm pretty sure that Canada is wondering how long the GOP is planning on letting the Jerk hold the Oval Office hostage.
Mijar 8 months ago
But Russia had fallen from Greatness and needed a savior in the form of Donald Trump to bring down their enemy, America.
Vitaur 8 months ago
"RANDOM mutations and "natural selection""
JoJogul 8 months ago
"in which Trump Jr. colluded with the Russians."
Gorn 8 months ago
Yep. No skill as an actor. I know some other sort of famous people too. A major author and a bassist for the Toronto Symphony.
Faerg 8 months ago
As difficult as it is for religees to be honest.
Goltitilar 7 months ago
i too have beautiful relatives in that system. sadly, its not a church build upon the Truth given in Scripture.
Arashilabar 7 months ago
Going by his life style I cant see any fruits.
Arashilar 7 months ago
You wear a hat????
Vimi 7 months ago
At my most "liberal" and generous, I would not "vote" for anything above 2.
Vibei 7 months ago
I am not interested to read his book. I asked you to show the studies of God and the layers of complexity. You must have those studies and peer-reviews. Why would you try to defect to Hawking's book?
Kimuro 7 months ago
"Who knows anymore. This is crazy!"
Fenrisida 7 months ago
Sorry, deflection rejected. You take my comment out of the context in which it was written and then want to take issue with it. Nope, I don't play that game.
Malazahn 6 months ago
Evidence you can't give because there isn't any.

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