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"It?s why I advocate for my patients all the time. The doctors here hate me because I?m that bytch nurse. I?m working on mitigating the damage done to my body but I?m still bitter that I could have had a baby by now if my doctor hadn?t been a total dyck."


I decided a bit of polite conversation was necessary to try and make up for me being caught out. It was a mixture of confusion and discovery and utter peace and contentment.

I cried as I spoke to him hoping he could hear me.


" She said and sounded ironic and happy. " i hear them about to walk into my room so i quickly acted like i was sleeping, but i took off all clothes first so i would be naked when they walk in. That strange woman then lifted up one of her Asain quite high.

Kiki loved the idea and after fitting them on she began crawling towards Millers stiff cock. " He says and smiles lightly. I swear V would have drowned in her sister's pussy had she not gotten a really great idea.

She kept her legs a bit open, open and in front of that giant hole.

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Mushicage 1 year ago
I identify as non binary and white
Voodoodal 1 year ago
The photo of MLK is a good representation of the link between race relations and religion.
Zulkirn 1 year ago
This is rich-shaming pure and simple! There is nothing wrong with having your own jet and other conveniences. Especially when you're doing God's work of saving souls. Just think of all the people who will now go to Heaven because a televangelist introduced them to Our Very Own Lord Jesus. That is EXCITING! Hey atheists! I double dare you to get excited too! BTW God hates your guts.
Nerg 11 months ago
a better example of why the liberal movement has faltered can scarcely be imagined.
Yojora 11 months ago
You could be right. I'd like to ask "who's stupid enough to start a war with China", but I already know the answer.
Shasar 11 months ago
The last 6 months have been rough, but she is doing some better thanks
Moogurg 11 months ago
"Most Americans could care less about whether we are respected by most countries"
Vum 11 months ago
Son, people have created you up and rown this thread. We know you are quote mining and using well known homophobic websites.
Dikora 11 months ago
LOL he tries to be so slow about it "S'cuse me madame, beautiful day isn't it?"
Fenrijas 10 months ago
Trump is the president of the US. He can't tell private entities what to do and tell them to fire people, etc. Of course fascist Right Wingers don't understand what America is. And I don't expect you to understand it. Or what free speech is. Just because the NFL isnt directly taking orders doesn't mean that what Trunp did was right. He would be falling into legal dilemma if private entities started obeying his commands.
Taurn 10 months ago
Don't you understand i'm answering your question?
Vull 10 months ago
Ladies, specifically, have any of you watched Red Table Talk? Particularly this one with Gabby Union..
Kazitilar 10 months ago
Do you live in Sweeden? It can't be worse than the cave dweller, christian fanatics in the U.S.
Gushura 10 months ago
Doug Ford's plan is 'furthest away' from balanced budget, LIBERAL economist says. There, headline fixed.
Fekus 10 months ago
I can't do that cause she has no job, money, family or friends... she's like a parasite that I am enabling to survive cause I care about her...
Mikami 9 months ago
"Simona Sharoni, a professor of women's and gender studies"
Tozragore 9 months ago
Or the more subtle way. If you had to describe yourself in say 9 digits, which 9 digits would you choose?
Kek 9 months ago
I did. it's not helping
Vudohn 9 months ago
Your Hollywood notions of wizards and vampires are based upon the existence of such people.
Faera 9 months ago
The scale itself is an superimposition on a lack of belief: it is the same example of the teacup of Russell. It's not 50, because it's not in-between two hypotheses.
Gabar 9 months ago
So your god makes people gay and then demands they not be gay. That idea is as ignorant as when religious folks said left-handed people should not use their left hands.
Takus 9 months ago
It is mostly just faith based nonsense. I guess you are a part of their congregation.
Aralar 8 months ago
Left window open last night, startled awake by bug in bed, ran around the room screaming before going to get something to kill it. Came back: IT WAS GONE. Had a panic attack, stripped bed and threw all linens in washer, vacuumed everything. Hit eye socket on corner of cabinet. Forgot building access pass -- had to turn around ten minutes into my trip. Banged head on overhead desk light. Spilled hot tea down the inside of my shirt.
Mozil 8 months ago
Stupid is admissible if were going to criticize or play the elementary school blame game for the worlds problems.

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