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"Yes I remember he did say he joined a Messianic Group.( Jewish ? ) Maybe a Hebrew Roots group ?....Yes it is getting too Deep, There is more branches of so called Christianity out there which is more political than religious. Like the radical Islamist is more Political than any belief in a God Allah. Seems Religion can be used and has always been used this way, even way back in .Early Biblical Stories. ?? ??"

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OLD4K. Her Wet Dream

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Jucage 1 year ago
Love is meaningless to an atheist. Just chemical reactions in your brain, of no inherent value.
Jusar 1 year ago
How many times over the last ten years has Black Flag changed its formula and what has it had to do so? Ever heard of Dr. Lenski's e coli experiment which after ten years is still ongoing? What about Dr. Endler's work on guppies. Every heard of super bugs? What about nylonase? What about your flagrant ignorance?
Akigami 1 year ago
YOUR OWN Pope Francis stated it was at 5%. Guess again.
Voodoogrel 1 year ago
The speech that I heard clearly stated that she didn't want either party to get a majority and the best way to achieve that scenario was to vote for her.....She is as slick as they come.
Zulkishicage 1 year ago
they have - i am saying there are other ways like education to bring behavioral change among people to fight social evils like disrespect of women or rape culture and other problems.
Tegis 1 year ago
Well ape, this was your opportunity to say something of substance. But apart from regurgitating the same 'Ol emptiness of cluelessness is just deflecting the fact there is no clue with you whatsoever. I rest my case. This cannot possibly commence a fruitful conversation about the topic. End of dialogue.
Akinodal 1 year ago
Hi Angie! Night Angie! ??????????
Vozuru 1 year ago
How can anything Christian be earlier than the first two centuries AD?
Kajizil 1 year ago
it was a brutal rape, the villian went out of his way to hurt her as much as possible..which made her revenge doubly just
Nikolrajas 1 year ago
I think it's safe to assume that the universe will continue to operate as if there is no god. As long as that is the case, there's no point in speculating whether one exists. A non-involved god is completely irrelevant and useless, so who cares?
Togul 11 months ago
Indeed; the whole edifice is builded upon such fantasy... in a vacuum of evidence!
Morn 11 months ago
Everything is awesome! Good to "see" you as well.
Vudojora 11 months ago
neither of those are mandated.
Kajikinos 11 months ago
Lefty?s can leave anytime they like.
Ganris 11 months ago
Except I never say that.
Tat 10 months ago
It?s just so freaking awful. I?m a visual person so I?m imagining so much blood and thinking about Laurel in the elevator shaft. I can?t fathom how you could do such a thing to someone. I mean he not only killed the baby without her consent, but he could have severely injured her. What if she were on other medication or even worse if she had hemophilia and hemorrhaged?!
Taucage 10 months ago
That's fair as well. I'm sure this probably has more to do with personality than anything. I read the article and my perception of her, in my mind, is that she's been in the industry forever. Particularly when women weren't regarded with the same respect that male counterparts were, and likely had to deal with comments like these meant to undermine versus harmless joking. To that extent, I can see how she's just over it. Especially if the audience was mostly male. High brow academia isn't necessarily known for their light sense of humor in the first place lol.
Mauran 10 months ago
That's why the RCC invented purgatory. Everyone goes there, even Jesus did. If you are a Christian and you have been punished enough, you proceed to heaven. So Adolf will make it some day. But if there is justice in heaven he'll be grilled for some millenea more.

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