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"Because I believe that if you want to make people aware of a problem you should be truthful in your argument."

Young Courtesans - A very special gratitude

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Young Courtesans - A very special gratitude

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Dukazahn 4 months ago
He knows who she is lol and it?s called
Dailmaran 4 months ago
Biased links that put bible verses against bible verses from the same book that contradicts itself?
Nesho 4 months ago
"Obvious" facts. And don't forget Begging the Question.
Arara 3 months ago
Very good, Comrade! Russian confirmed!
Gokus 3 months ago
So, what did your god create as the natural consequence of eating pork, or wearing clothes of mixed fabric?
Samurr 3 months ago
yep plus more happens for you when you keep your mouth shut
Yolar 3 months ago
Freedom and education are not things that you can reasonably ascribe to Christianity; the only reason that the places you mention are nice is because the reformation (read "virtual death of Christianity") allowed the enlightenment.
Meztijora 3 months ago
LOL @ throwing her off the desk.
Mazunos 2 months ago
Of course He does. That is why He gave us the bible and a method to ask for His guidance when reading it so we can understand what for a human is utterly incomprehensible.
Arashile 2 months ago
Then why did we stop stoning unruly children to death?
Malagami 2 months ago
Duffy did nothing wrong. The scandal was in how the PMO handled it.
Mikat 2 months ago
She is already born and autonomous. Analogy FAIL.
Kigajin 2 months ago
Ok,thank 4 ur opinion??
Voodoozuru 1 month ago
This is so sad... Bourdain was god-like to me. Kitchen Confidential was easily one of the most entertaining and true-to-life books I have ever read. My first professional life was in restaurants and my experience paralleled Tony's in that regard. We both went up the ladder in the same fashion, starting as dishwashers and ending as executive chefs. That being said, in the restaurant world, you bear witness to the worst of society while dealing with extremely stressful situations. I might have gone the same way as Tony had I not got out. It took my wife threatening divorce for me to leave...
Dasar 1 month ago
My moniker is merely a term that describes what happens when I give facts and present logic that sjw's can't cope with.
Mum 1 month ago
I don't think I will communicate with you before you read a standard school textbook of history. Start with Gibbon and Toynbee. Report your progress.
Tulrajas 1 month ago
Oh dear. You appear to attempt to transfer your own ignorance and project your own delusional condition, my friend. It doesn't work.
Nilabar 1 month ago
Were you an extremely small person at the age of 15?
Gosida 4 weeks ago
Bless your heart. I guess the concept of analogy is too much for you to comprehend.
Tojajar 3 weeks ago
Have you tried depo? The only side effect I get from it is suspended animation, no menses at all.
Goltinos 2 weeks ago
The issue is, here in the US they often have to. We have too many laws based off religion.
Zushakar 2 weeks ago
Comes down to entitlement in my opinion. If you notice, it's become more and more pervasive in our current culture and a large part of that is how our society has shifted its values and how we raise children. We've become overly sensitive to the idea of losing and of failure. Every kid gets a trophy. Everyone must like you. We grow more and more narcissistic and base our self worth on quantities and not quality. We confuse having an opinion about something as 'hating' and demand we aggrandize ourselves via curated profiles/pictures. As it pertains to women, you couple this narcissistic self-entitlement with the fact that we live in a rape culture, and it's no wonder that maladjusted youth are going around shooting people for being jilted.
Daijin 1 week ago
Eh, they are properly just upset and smashing the keys.
Shakataxe 22 hours ago
I can't agree that no odds/probabilities can be associated with what we are talking about.

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