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"Again, yes it is. You keep ignoring the decisions of the Supreme Court."

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Mazulmaran 11 months ago
If he refused to serve a gay person because that person was gay, that is bigotry. He pure up refused to do a wedding cake because they were gay. He they were black and he refused because they were black we would not even debate if he was racist or not.
Dakasa 11 months ago
I know you care, it's how you were able to be so effectively manipulated. It's used as a weapon against you, like a slow strangling.
Fauzragore 11 months ago
Another country heard from.
Arashijind 10 months ago
Lmao... Can I be in this band? Idk what my name is but I feel it fits your current username lol. 'Melli Poom Poom, lead singer of the Diet Coke Douche to the Punkies
Fausar 10 months ago
True but there were some who wanted to come and i wonder what they must be feeling now
Kagakazahn 10 months ago
I am, always open to change, when it is known as a truth. If one is unable to be flexible in their beliefs then they will always be unaware of continuing truths, everything changes, stagnation is complacent.
Faugal 10 months ago
And how can you verify that ?
Vugul 10 months ago
all they need is a big air cannon and a parachute....
Gazil 10 months ago
Not when they're wet farts. And you're driving on the Parkway with the next rest stop 20 miles away...
Vudojas 10 months ago
You can go to court for $20. See the 7th Amendment.
Tekora 9 months ago
We have proof that a boy named harry potter lived. Proof that London is a real place. Proof that there are indeed cars and schools and broomsticks.
Grojar 9 months ago
Good for you. I try my best to listen to everything but i?m
Araktilar 9 months ago
Methinks you have got it??
Vurg 9 months ago
not uncomfortable. resigned to a fact of life. like i said. it is the uninvited guest at every table.
Mikadal 9 months ago
Yah, because then they would have been dead over four hundred years ago.
Shakasida 8 months ago
What appears to be coming at you, is likely coming from you.
Mezijin 8 months ago
Not shifting it was clarification
Nikogore 8 months ago
Omg I?m beginning to think you don?t get the fun
Tygonos 8 months ago
Do you admit that you have violated Zeus' laws?
Gujind 7 months ago
Have you ever had someone break wind and try to convince you there's no wind? You can't see it but why are your eyes burning?
Arashidal 7 months ago
Sure he did...On the road to Damascus.
Fenrilabar 7 months ago
Who defines what is right?
Dohn 7 months ago
I understand a bit of what your family went through because I too was rejected when I came out. My family also was shunned because they stood with me.
Julabar 7 months ago
l am a liberal Canadian and usually vote Liberal. I sure don't miss the Harper days.
Akinojin 7 months ago
Don't kill yourself trying to start that party. ;-)
Dokazahn 6 months ago
There aren't any laws saying one has to violate their religion to take part in a wedding. Who was forced to attend a wedding?
Zulukus 6 months ago
I'm really careful to not ask for an example, then ask for another and another. One example per person. Beyond that is trolling.
Meztilabar 6 months ago
Not at the moment.
Jukree 6 months ago
Yes, it's possible to trap someone into marriage, if only using barrier methods of birth control.
Kigagar 6 months ago
This is why I am a proud Second Wave Feminist. Third Wavers are just way too uptight. Besides, what power did he have over her that she did not have? He wasn't her boss. She could have said "Pound sand." I'm not seeing why these things need to be blown out of proportion.

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