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"How many times do you need it explained that Evolution does nothing to prove or disprove God or Creation. The two founders of Evolution, Wallace and Darwin believed in opposite conclusions about the observation of Evolution through science. Wallace said, ?because God, Evolution.? Darwin said, ?because Evolution, no God.? Those who subscribe to Darwinism subscribe to the materialism cult. Evolution is the science, which no logical Christian disputes. Darwinism is the ideology that limits the mind to the Natural world. Don?t conflate Darwinism for Absolute Science. I accept the science of evolution just as much as the atheist, I just don?t accept your cult of denying God and the spirituality."

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I took my mouth off her tit and asked, "So you've had fun with these girls too?" Torre smiled and said, "They were tired, and I wanted to share them with you.

As Elsa continued to touch Anna's body, Anna felt herself growing impatient with Elsa's teasing. I knew I could get action out of these girls separately, but Torre had never been with another girl, and Jo always protected her and V knew this so they might not discuss having a threesome with me and massachueetts girls licking their sister's pussy.

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As they continued to kiss, Mike gently caressed the sides of Cindy's face. "No, sweetie, not yet," I said with a smile. There wasnt much for privacy in the camper, so I just changed in front of Abby while we talked. Her pussy was sopping wet by now, and unbelievably soft and desirable, every thrust was warmer softer and wetter than the last, and I was loving it.

She wasn't as tight as libby, but she had a deeper pussy. One hand was holding the phone and the other was stretched down like it was between her legs which was just outside the bottom of the shot. Sally was already stroking her pussy gently on the bed in anticipation of what was coming or CUMMING as she thought.

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Meztilkree 1 year ago
Excellent, CA is my home base, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. JG, one of you're new mods visits here.
Zumuro 1 year ago
Yes, it is fact that the bible is most quoted, least read. People quote from a bible they haven't read.
Shakajin 1 year ago
we all die. and it sounds like they were good together.. good for them they are together again. my cllient lost hid wife a couple of years ago after 32 years. im pretty sure shes sill with him in her day to day life. when he eventually goes,, imsure whe will be looking forward to seeing her again..
Zugis 1 year ago
Yes it was a mess across the board
Mikabei 1 year ago
Because you are dishonestly deflecting to avoid self correction or an admission of fault.
Brazil 11 months ago
And Deadpool 2 is out this weekend!
Gardakus 11 months ago
None of it bothers me. If I thought it was the word of a god, then it would bother me very much.
Akitilar 11 months ago
I went straight to images and.....
Mashicage 11 months ago
I was never sure the origin so I could never gauge exactly why TA except that it was a large forum that leans left. Comment boards have never been particularly pleasant, but I think somewhat delighted in trying to ruin positive conversation or just thought it represented some kind of larger cultural penetration.
Jugami 10 months ago
no flutes were involved. =P
Neran 10 months ago
Funny how you decry "your obvious deflection...." yet have not stated when the last time the US had 3.8% unemployment
Shaktitaur 10 months ago
Hahaha, I do the same thing. I try to eliminate most unecessary foolishness.
Yozshuzil 10 months ago
I think there are much more variations than 41,000. They just didn't form denominations (yet). The other question is what you call a "core belief". I'd call any dogma "core". If a church requires it's members to follow the dogma, it's worth to split over. I think we will find more than 16 dogmata along which churches could have split.
Mesar 9 months ago
It depends on the dress length and the situation.
Brashura 9 months ago
And I think you're flat out wrong and in denial. Some things are designed. Deal with it.
Vora 9 months ago
This is the primary issue. We fundamentally and irreconcilably disagree on our doctrine of scripture. We are not debating the ordination of wisdom. We are debating the role of scripture in governing the church.
Gulmaran 9 months ago
Who is YHWH, is he the Father? If yes, then He claims, there is no God beside Him and that means Jesus and the holy spirit are not but false gods.
Volkis 9 months ago
Hey, smart as, planet 9 is reality :)
Togrel 8 months ago
There were probably enough people at the time who knew that he DIDN'T meet Jesus and would know it was a lie.
Gojora 8 months ago
Omg I was just saying that I hope not Tom Hanks
Tygokora 8 months ago
lol. I cited the bible. Your fallacy ad hom is telling. You've no logic or reason in your position so you feel you must attack mine. Sorry but not a tittle. Not one jot of a pen.
Telkis 8 months ago
"That little tantrum seems to demonstrate some underlying insecurities."
Grojora 8 months ago
The US' crime rate is
Digal 7 months ago
My official prediction is that the lawsuit will result in him being exposed as a cheat, a liar, and a poor businessman.

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