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"I don't think you have ever read ANY of my comments judging Muslims, because I don't talk about them, I talk about Islamic ideology, the fact that you are thoroughly ignoring."

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Let's get you cleaned up now. Bonnis kitchen window had a awning that stretched out and formed a sort of back porch and on this stormy afternoon it was blocking more light than it was letting in.

Young wife ganbanged while hubby films

"Roam. It was very neat and organized, looked like a military camp. " Will paused, running his hands through his hair. After inviting over, Nate excitedly agreed and said he'd bring over a six-pack of beer if I bought the pizza.

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Zolojinn 1 year ago
Acknowledging that racism exists, past and present is just acknowledging reality.
Kektilar 11 months ago
You are right that you can?t correlate what you are talking about with the subject at hand.
Mekinos 11 months ago
I understand that much of that is the cost of security and the parading troops. You'd be paying them anyway so haven't really spent 30 million extra.
Mira 11 months ago
Fire once at an apartment complex I lived in a long time ago. Credited to an upstairs neighbor who smoked in bed.. fortunately everyone made it out in time, but everything was a total loss. Red Cross stepped in and helped with accommodations and clothes, that's why once a year, I make a donation. They were lifesavers, because that was a hard wipe out to go homeless in under an hour. I'm glad for you that no one was harmed, did your dog get out ok?
Fenrigami 11 months ago
About Islamic terrorists? Those concerns aren't prejudice. They are prejudiced not us.
Tazragore 11 months ago
Sorry who's Trumps bitch? Not the guy who would literally defend him while being raped by him?
Mugul 11 months ago
Humans have a brain; zygotes don't.
Misar 10 months ago
He's never wrong. But you are. Your TDS has blinded to the reality that before the next month is gone...he'll be proven right....again. And you? You'll just do what the lying, confused left'll find another lie - set your own hair on fire and run around screaming like a 14 year old who just lost her One Direction ticket.
Vorr 10 months ago
Denying the Word of God is the same as denying God Himself. He bases His Word upon His own Character.
Daitaur 10 months ago
Of course, a No True Scotsman. I might have known.
Nidal 10 months ago
The gunman was a male, the girl pictured one of his victims.
Kimi 10 months ago
I was going to ask you about a sauce but I see you added the rest of the recipe (or maybe I missed it the first time), a nice mint sauce... perfect. I would have added carrots or turnip but that's just me.
Arabei 10 months ago
"* Belief that man is created in the image of God rather than a meaningless cosmic accident and that because of that every life has a purpose and is infinitely valuable"
Malagal 10 months ago
I was raised and baptized a Mormon, but gave it up before I hit my twenties. I had many nagging doubts about the Bible and God that no one would or could answer. Then after reading some outside material on Joseph Smith, I decided that that guy was simply a wacko. After I stopped going, it took years for them to stop bugging me, until I finally told them I would no longer allow them on my property.
Malazshura 9 months ago
Israel is a terrorist state
Barr 9 months ago
You want me to explain why some people want to be married?

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