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"With my kids, I told them that Santa was make believe and like all make believe games, we could enjoy the idea if we all played the make-believe game together."

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Daitaxe 9 months ago
it's you I kill?
Taujind 8 months ago
No science has eliminated the possibility that there is a God and you know it which is why you hate science. POOF.
Dajora 8 months ago
Exactly... Look at the hemingway family... For them its become a tradition
Zulkicage 8 months ago
The lies about Trump are just the top of the iceberg. The lies mostly concentrate on Islam.
Arakree 8 months ago
Yes: a little gluttony is good for digestion!
Voodoojin 8 months ago
That's where God will put the unbelievers.
Yozshujinn 8 months ago
WTF? Dude needs to lay off the Ambien.
Vulkis 8 months ago
She's not a creationist dude. She opposes neo Darwinism but isn't a creationist. Small steps my friend. To pry away false truths, especially religiously held, you need to do it slowly with consistent pressure :)
Shaktira 8 months ago
I posted three videos of magic being debunked. You're willing to remain ignorant and claim it actually exists.
Shaktimuro 8 months ago
Do a thread!
Gardanos 7 months ago
?My life is happy and full. I try to live every day like it was my last, and to leave things a little better than I found them. I need nobody?s god for that.?
Sharan 7 months ago
I get that, it's simply not possible for everyone, child or adult. The only solution would be for people to be kinder, which isn't possible with the way the world is now.
Kagakasa 7 months ago
The problem with Bill is that he is talking about everything in a political way... and he could give you 1,000 reasons he is pro feminism but the reality is that nobody right now cares about that. Is the social stuff that bothers. I don't know if Monica felt forced but she won't get an apology, Juanita won't get an apology and the people won't get it. This interview was pointless.
Kigal 7 months ago
Yes, just like how the Jews have substituted truth with lies and wander off through falsehood after falsehood, to eventually build a monumental holohoax that has no relation to reality.
Mazukree 7 months ago
Why not both.
Digul 6 months ago
wow, that's actually true, isn't it?
Melkree 6 months ago
Just so you know, Pulp Fiction is my #1 most hated movie of all time, followed by Lebowski. Number 3 is Nightmare Before Christmas...
Kazil 6 months ago
We wish. My relatives believe that, as did my college roommate.
Damuro 6 months ago
No, she didn't claim to be Native American. She pointed out that she, like tens of millions of white Americans have Native American ancestry. That isn't the same thing.
Motaxe 6 months ago
Tea > coffee
Daigis 6 months ago
LOL!! I do NOT care what the world thinks! Why should I? The world is passing away. But my home in heaven is forever.
Nasida 6 months ago
I asked if you had a better explanation, not 'sciences.' Please, do tell, how does atheism deal with the question of why there is something rather than nothing.

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