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"Comey doesn't have any investigative powers. Plus,"

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The bed is soaked with blood and it is dripping on to the floor. I guessed he was about 22 or 23 years old. She envied his youthful recovery power after such a frantic fucking of Sally only an hour before. Still though, I was dying for more action, and my girlfriend wouldn't be home for a couple more weeks.

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"This is so nice my fuck holes are desperate". " Will paused, running his hands through his hair. " Anna turned her sister to face Beaktiful. It was a place to park rich kids with problems.


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Fesho 2 months ago
I'm just a simple person when it comes to food. Give me a meat, a starch, and a vegetable. I'm good. Pork chops, green beans, and mac & cheese is a typical meal at my house.
Doum 2 months ago
That is incorrect. Proselytizing is speech and it is protected by the 1st Amendment, subject to the normal restrictions. e.g. a student could not use the public address system to do so; could not use power granted him/her by the school to 'force' someone to listen.
Kagajinn 2 months ago
Him blocking you would be great. You get to call him out on his nonsense, but don't have to listen to his nonsense replies to you LOL!
Mezikree 2 months ago
Knock off the f* bombs.
Arashitaxe 2 months ago
I feel like the solution here is different depending on what you/she wants out of this.
Goltir 1 month ago
If Trump keeps pardoning and commuting sentences of Black people----he'll get all the black vote!!! You just wonder why Obama didn't commute the sentence of Alice Johnson, which was obviously a miscarriage of justice and it did cross his desk for which he denied the petition.
Zulule 1 month ago
Easier to spot. They just run them out of town.
Magal 1 month ago
Iran is supporting the Syrian government. The terrorists/rebels/ISIS in Syria are US/Israel/Turkey supported.
Tojara 1 month ago
Thanks, GR! And good morning!
Juran 1 month ago
You make a fool of yourself every time you post me. You don?t even know the subject matter and wonder off to what is irrelevant of what I am saying. Then you blame me for your inability to comprehend.
Mezilkree 1 month ago
There's a list of a number of specific shards of pottery found at the site of Nazareth in volume 26 of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society publication:
Tot 4 weeks ago
Imitation of Christ.
Shaktijin 3 weeks ago
{Jesus would?ve been fine ?confiscating? property to pay for our 400 billion dollar military industrial complex though.}
Arajar 3 weeks ago
"Humans can?t live for 1000 years." And apes can't become human beings, that doesn't stop you believing they can. The first humans had pristine DNA, a pristine environment so what would limit them?
Shaktim 2 weeks ago
Oh, the man who thinks, that nothing suddenly exploded and made the life!
Saramar 1 week ago
You said "Nemesis" when you obviously meant "Antithesis"
Doshicage 3 days ago
The world most powerful country has a moron for a president!
Tumuro 2 days ago
At times he says some good things but he could do better. Actions will show if he is or isn't.

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