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"You clearly have not know the rules for the channel. I am not a hypocrite. You just have reading comprehension issues."

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Gardadal 11 months ago
Hahahahaha yeah but how many were Christian before they went in?
Dut 11 months ago
He makes wedding cakes -- and they are just cakes. He could just as easily have sold them exactly the same type of wedding cake that he's made before for another couple -- but he refused *based on WHO they were* -- and that's why what he did was illegal.
Takazahn 11 months ago
It is important to note that numerous Christian faiths were started because of other Roman Catholic crimes and concerns. From the Crusades, inquisitions and selling of indulgences to the Vatican II Council, that church tends to piss people off.
Kelkree 11 months ago
Thank you for playing the theme so well.
Gardaran 11 months ago
I don't think you're aware of what you're talking about. It's not about how big is the universe, it's about how old is it. YOU HAVE NO TIME FOR ALL OF THAT TO PRODUCE LIFE BY CHANCE NO MATTER HOW MANY PLANETS YOU HAVE BECAUSE THE NUMBER OF PLANETS IS NOTHING COMPARED TO THE VERY LOW PROBABILITY OF HAPPENING.
Kagashura 10 months ago
I think a 4-dimensional answer is cheating!
Datilar 10 months ago
My smartphone auto corrected the CFL to the NFL. Twice.
Taut 10 months ago
For the existence of God. Where He is doing His Mighty Work.
JoJoll 10 months ago
Get real. First prove you should even be taken seriously, that there is any such person as "Pope Hilarius II"?
Taurr 10 months ago
And lose institutional memory, become inefficient & toxic & end up losing $$. ??
Zolojora 10 months ago
So, at my husband's work, they found some abandoned kittahs, and one of the ladies there decided to take them to raise. They're still tiny kittahs, and they need to be fed during the day, so she's been bringing them and keeping them in her office. This other guy, who shares the office with her, is complaining because the office is starting to, in his words, "smell like cat".
Malall 9 months ago
we will see next Thursday.
Gugal 9 months ago
It has more to do with white Canadians having less and less children than other races having more.
Daishura 9 months ago
Like Ive already explained maybe twice now...
Febei 9 months ago
There are multiple definitive proofs of God's existence all over the web.

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