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"Dude, (it's) a 3 letter word. Don't claim to know facts when you can't write at a level worth believing."

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"Don't be scared little slut," I said. I grinned, stroking the shaft while staring at Delilah's heart-shaped ass and golden bush soaked with her juices.

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He came over to the machine next to me and didn't say anything at first as he started his reps. She graduated with a masters in English Literature from UCLA, and she had worked as an english teacher at St. You look like you did when we found out Heath left. They showered and fell asleep on Julies bed and hardly moved in the night.

"Who else, fuck-tard?" She retorted knowing I was staring at her cunt.

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Dorg 8 months ago
This probably will not go anywhere, but do you think their experiences are not genuine because they have it with Allah and you have it with God? They do not think they are looking with human eyes when they have their experience, any more than you think you are looking with human eyes when you have yours. They are extremely similar experiences.
Digal 8 months ago
Do better? Nah, I couldn't possibly top your pathetic comments.
Tulabar 8 months ago
Now I just need baby iggy to gtfo.
Aralrajas 8 months ago
So when your point fails, opt for just base hatred?
Mukus 8 months ago
No, I don't refuse to answer. I did answer. That is my answer. That no matter what I "feel" I KNOW that God knows what He's doing.
Shakat 8 months ago
"Forever is all time forward events but does not include past events "
Mum 7 months ago
What the eff are you talking about?
Dam 7 months ago
No, there are far more.
Mokasa 7 months ago
Hmmm..I see a marketing angle in your comment. Just look at these numbers!
Kazidal 7 months ago
Not literally the first man and first woman, just, the first "man and woman" of this religious group.
Kajizragore 7 months ago
All incest is not consensual or even adults for that matter
Faetaxe 7 months ago
I've already stated what the Gnostics believed - I gave you links to what actual, qualified historians think of Gnosticism.
Arataur 6 months ago
LoL. Hey, I dont mean to ridicule your thoughtful opinion. It's just that it's not new--pretty much the same old New Atheist deflection to pin societal issues on theism. Meanwhile, kids are indoctrinated with that kind of thinking only gives them justification to carry out such attacks.
Gakinos 6 months ago
Oh, Tex...We'll throw you a party. It can be a "Glad I was born with a penis" party!
Akizuru 6 months ago
You should get him "The Dangerous Book for Boys" I found a ton of father son crap in that book for our twins. It made for some good memories together.
Zologar 6 months ago
Come on, everyone knows that was the Germans
Mikazil 6 months ago
lmao Yes girl. The whole cast was 19-21 except her. It?s kind of creepy she ended up marrying him now lol.
Togami 6 months ago
Unions and Tenure

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