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"Karen is short form of Katharine ( kat?) Isn?t that so weird-? The connection- you come up with Kitty.....?"

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" I say as I reach into my pocket and remove the piece of paper She looks at it and then to me with questioning eyes as I explain.

The two had quickly stripped down to their undies and said "How about this?" They began to kiss and fondle each other very passionately.

He was slowly starting to stick it in me.

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) As I exploded I heard her gag on it, then with the most amazing moan of pleasure she started to swallow so fast, saying "more. She did have a little stomach but it wasn't the kind that made fold under her belly. "Let me just finish this crap and we can take off for the beach hut!"" Timmy how about wiping my arse too ??" To be continued in Chapter 7.

"Of course you are ppantyhose sexy and I am not just saying that. Mike's cock was still hard and her motion of her orgasm made him want it deep inside her.

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Mikall 1 year ago
They......libs and Ndp media And followers got it wrong again or is that still. It's the one thing they're consistent and good at
Voodoogor 1 year ago
That's what I said. Hardly cutting off your nose to spite your face though, is it?
Meztisho 1 year ago
If my original opinion doesn't do it for you then maybe you an research it yourself
Fenrijora 1 year ago
Sorry - not a Christian...but exactly how do you think shutting down the free tax break violates the First Amendment? It is not stopping anyone from practicing their religion freely at all.
Yozshusida 1 year ago
She banned me for asking why she felt someone was a homosexual.
Gazil 1 year ago
Why is this not obvious to you? Because the sculptor disagrees with creating a symbol of expression that he objects to.
Mer 1 year ago
imagine! someone thinks you might be trying to stir the pot! lol
Shakakree 11 months ago
For many they want that structure in their lives and for many others it is a social place.
Doushakar 11 months ago
Right, but they didn't care until after metoo. They had evidence to go after him before. And this is after Harvey completed destroyed this woman in the press by planting stories and tanked her career. He had the journalists working on these stories stalked and harassed. This is happening bc of good journalism, not good police work. Again, just my opinion.
Kerg 11 months ago
Mark Goodacre wrote a very good book titled "The Case Against Q". It is well worth reading. If Matthew and Luke were copied from Mark, "Q" is not needed. They simply added their own material.
Kezil 11 months ago
i would pay good money to see him eating an elephant dyck
Gardabei 11 months ago
And it's entire different from Christianity and Islam which of course means that it must be wrong.

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