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"Wow a red headed Mexican. Story must be from Fox News."


"Who wants to watch TV?" "There is no television reception up here," one of the girls said. "Look, man," Nate says, "I love baseball and all, but I've been wanting to blow you since the second I walked in the door.


I felt him push his hips towards me in anticipation and I moaned into his mouth. "I just - I just want to cum. You should send me a pic" Jessica says.

Before collapsing on my back, his dick still in my asshole. Although I had just orgasmed very hard, I was still more than ready to pound her needy tight little pussy; all I needed was a moment to re-erect my cock.

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I loved Ellie with all my heart, but could hardly ever think of moments together like this.

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Nikotilar 3 months ago
How does a porn star pay the bills?
Jusho 2 months ago
The Bible is an astonishing collection of weirdness and some of it will make you quite sick.
Shasho 2 months ago
You got the message, that's all that counts.
Dailkis 2 months ago
It also doesn?t say who beat his bid- it leaves you to think that a foreign company got the contract.
Kerg 2 months ago
The reason that there are so many roads on the path to enlightenment, is that they all lead to the same place. Or, so I believe.
Kazrakora 2 months ago
They want the kids to breath in the magic... duh!!!! Really, why ask such obvious questions... helping children bask in the majesty of Lord Disney would help them in their entertainment and spending choices in the future....
Turisar 2 months ago
Ask him if he feels he needs both kidneys?
Shakale 1 month ago
Is she potty trained? lol
Zulkigrel 1 month ago
You speak of utilities. Those are not the same as private businesses. Plus if they have shareholders, those can curb large companies' behaviors pretty quick by selling off. Owners still have to go through a board of directors.
Nar 1 month ago
86% white= South Dakota.
JoJoll 4 weeks ago
Everyone can see you're going down your own list.
Voodoojora 3 weeks ago
You made the truth claim and it is up to you to demonstrate the truth of that claim. Asking me to bear the responsibility is pure laziness on your part.
Dukus 2 weeks ago
By refusing to recognize their behavior as normal while they are young.
Nikolmaran 2 weeks ago
Convo with telephone service techs:
Shaktilar 1 week ago
Which would further show that being born gay is just another way of being born a human.
Voodoogul 1 week ago
He never met The living long-haired radical socialist Reform Rabbi The Christ legend was based on. He had a heat-stroke induced temporal lobe epileptic fit in which he hallucinated his own version. He set up a rival movement to the real followers back in Jerusalem and for a few decades both flourished until about 70CE when Rome sacked Jerusalem and killed the leaders who knew "Jesus" so Paul's version spread wider and to non Jews until it became the Roman State Religion with a popes and Cardinals and bishops and Priests telling people what to think. Not the Gnostic (Know god yourself) movement it started out as.
Yoktilar 1 week ago
Young man, if I were you, I'd urge Trump to worry about his own house and clean up his own messes. You Trumpkins are really in no position to gloat about Schneiderman whilst the NYAG investigation against TrumpCo continues apace.
Tygot 3 days ago
He isn't here.

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