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"We have no need for external gods and goddesses made up by the minds of ancient, primitive human beings. We are the gods and goddesses. We have no need for any other."

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" Then Claudette looked directly at me and asked, "Can I go hunting with you sometime?" Freee asked, "Why?" Claudette then proceeded to tell me all about her childhood fantasy, watching Grizzly Adams movies on television, and masturbating to thoughts of a smelly mountain man ravishing her in a cabin in the woods on a bare skin rug in front of a roaring fire.

He turned me to face the mirror and stood behind me. She then found my T-shirt and pulled it over her head and down over her breasts.

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She ran blindly, barefoot until she felt her toes frwe fall off from the cold. Then her head disappeared through the hole, getting face fucked violently in the next booth from a guy that had just stuck pins through her tits. She let out another, louder and longer, moan. We talked about each other while we ate.

As she slid forward she pushed out more dung and it began to squash onto the front of the lavatory seat as she helped Timmy fuck her pushing him in and out.

DemieErica had turned back over and a baby's head was crowning from between her thighs. " Nate look intrigued, m;eg, I'm down, but I don't have any money on me right now. "Laundry. Kiki loved this time of year; it was early fall and some of the leaves were just changing colour.

The fair always turned into a big party in the evening.

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Mikaktilar 10 months ago
Jesus the Messiah invented science.
Mooguzahn 10 months ago
Are you just that stupid to not know, this was all of Southern Cali including the GOP polling place? Nah, you are made in the USA. Carry on. IDIOT.
Gull 10 months ago
You criticise the bastardisation of language whilst using the wrong contraction (it should be "there
Bakasa 10 months ago
If you "have no religion" - from where did your knowledge of the god of your own apparent invention originate?
Gogul 10 months ago
Ahh so you have no evidence beyond a documented mass delusion ?
Kagajora 10 months ago
Timeless truth has a history. Fads come and go .The Bible is God's truth for mankind for all time. If it were a mere product of man alone this would not be true. If the Bible were not God's word, we wouldn't care about it.
Faujas 9 months ago
I predict Daesh would have lasted a lot longer if they'd been willing to let more people pay their Jizya and move on.
Daigul 9 months ago
You sound like a child
Neshakar 9 months ago
Haven't seen that one yet but I would TiVo.
Dum 9 months ago
PE conforms to genesis...the articles shut down neo Darwinism. Gradualism and natural selection more than it is in real life.
Kazishicage 9 months ago
Mccabe will look great in orange
Daisida 9 months ago
KD. Really as I read them the accounts of Paul in :
Bajind 9 months ago
Retirement with the rest of my life pay sounds very appealing to me right now.
Daijinn 8 months ago
There has never been any evidence against General Relativity. . .oh. . .sorry, thought this was the Physics board. Never mind. . . .
Garisar 8 months ago
The Holy Spirit is the author of Scripture and the Scripture explicitly says that women are not to be pastors.
Nak 8 months ago
if you try to kick people while they are standing up,, you could lose your balance and fall down.. [believe me, i know..]
Vikazahn 8 months ago
First... First... Guest
Nikogul 8 months ago
You alone don't count.
Brakinos 7 months ago
And you?ve shown you have no understanding of what happened and really don?t care.
Tygoran 7 months ago
I'm sure he has. But he fired that person.
Dajinn 7 months ago
I've read the bible over forty times and know you are full of crap.
Goltikus 7 months ago
Your remarks are rather lame. What crimes has Doug Ford been convicted of?
Nikolabar 7 months ago
I can't speak for others, but I know the good news has given me a great deal of joy (which isn't necessarily the same as happiness).

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