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"I?ll watch either one"

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Faujora 10 months ago
either way tho...........
Akirg 10 months ago
His additional crimes were drug misdemeanors. That, plus having come to the country at three years old, was enough to punch his ticket to having his throat cut in a month. ICE are the real heroes, yeah.
Dogore 10 months ago
Is our Calender based on mohammed?
Sabar 10 months ago
I'll take the 5 gallon pale.
Faumi 10 months ago
Ugh....same. I just can't motivate myself today.
Mosho 10 months ago
It's the middle of the week.
Tatilar 10 months ago
what I mean is
Akinomuro 9 months ago
What is your favorite movie? What high school did you graduate from?
Moogudal 9 months ago
In MY personal real life experience, the ones who have the most to say about it do not, which is super hypocritical.
Malazuru 9 months ago
Yeah, no one knows about Muslim terrorists or that Muslim terrorists exist. In fact, I'm pretty sure I heard CNN say that one of the 9/11 hijackers was a Christian accountant from Cleveland named Bruno McNulty.
Kajik 9 months ago
So once the natural mechanisms that caused us to exist and evolve into the way we are are understood we do indeed have a satisfactory analogy. God of the gaps right there.
Tagami 8 months ago
I commented -don?t see it?
Shataur 8 months ago
God in the book of Judah was Oberron from the tv series Gargoyles (which was riffing a midsummer night?s dream when they used him) apparently.
Doukinos 8 months ago
I'll be your DJ up in here.
Zulugor 8 months ago
Abomination? where did I say that?
Kajilkree 7 months ago
... Prepon is a scientologist? D:
Vigar 7 months ago
Where do you see licence given to rape or starve one's slaves? Again, I would direct you to my previous answer. I would rather be the slave of an Israelite than, say, a Canaanite. My Canaanitish master could beat me to death without any consequence whatsoever - my Israelite master would be punished for my homicide. The Law brought in regulation, not licence. In many instances it doesn't tell man what he should do, but rather what he shouldn't do.
Megal 7 months ago
As an example
Meztira 7 months ago
NO NO NO.. ..It's a Chinese HOAX!!! Doesn't Anybody listen to Dear Leader!!!!
Shakakazahn 7 months ago
You know, this "no true Christian" argument is
Arashisida 7 months ago
It?s like they know me
Meztigore 7 months ago
When you claim that so many millions of Muslims support the death penalty of blasphemy against Islam.
Akinogami 7 months ago
to most folks not until they see the fiery flames, then it's too late :(
Zulkitilar 6 months ago
You got it

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