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Shakagore 1 year ago
People make choices. I assume people have free will.
Shatilar 11 months ago
no it is not a thing. it is a force of power! it is what is inside God. God is an eternal everlasting force of power with extreme intelligence immeasurable....
Kilkree 11 months ago
I already admitted that "invented" isn't EXACTLY the same as created, although the differences are EXTREMELY subtle.
Julrajas 11 months ago
NT for sure is something like night and day compared to OT and JC was good man. Problem is "boss" is the very same murderous sadistic monster from OT. History could be very different if JC started new religion, not being burdened by old one.
Tagor 11 months ago
Of course not, for any actual profits.
Dikus 11 months ago
Paul, I was in college then. I certainly know how deferments worked and I know what reporting for duty means. He had five college deferments and he obviously took a physical if they found something wrong. Clinton had nothing wrong. He just didn't want to serve so he wrote a pathetic crying letter. You can find it online if you look.
Samull 11 months ago
Obama spent $10 Trillion to lead the second slowest recovery from a recession on record
Kazrashakar 11 months ago
I've read that study, but it's hardly conclusive. It's mostly just an interesting sidebar. If you look long enough, you might find certain hormonal cocktails (natural) that are more common for left-handedness, than right. It's still not 'something that goes wrong'.
Mezilrajas 11 months ago
~Up...when his wife dies, I wept like...nope.
Fauramar 11 months ago
If you were on a date and things went really well, how would you signal to your date that you wanted to make whoopie?
Meztizuru 10 months ago
Aww, I'll miss you twinny but always take care of yourself first. <3
Jugul 10 months ago
Sure Bubba. "the living God" needs to be "explained". More convoluted thinking? Just keep looking little fella. You might find the answers to your own confusion
Shakazshura 10 months ago
As I said, the Jews use the Bible for their calendar. Just like every other society now. Or do you write the date as 05/13/13,000,000,000.
Kerg 10 months ago
But I'm the first moderator News Views ever had, you should despise me with a passion!
Todal 10 months ago
You have distorted what I wrote, again.
Meztisho 10 months ago
Which of his books or movies do you prefer? I lked Prince Harris and the Mellow Yellows.
Mazushakar 9 months ago
O.K., then prove the existence of an afterlife? If you can't, you are making a claim to knowledge you don't have and this makes you a fraud. Once again, put up or shut up.
Moogukazahn 9 months ago
Deleting so as to not blame political parties.
Nidal 9 months ago
Of course! Lookit that lil' cheerful face!! :-)
Tojora 9 months ago
That's fine, in case anyone else thought suggestion to drop
Faek 9 months ago
If I was god and truly cared about my creation, I would teach them. Like my parents taught me. I would not need to exercise rage and murder to improve things. After all, I'm god
Volabar 8 months ago
Is ?I know you are but what am I? the best you can do? ??
Zulkigrel 8 months ago
I know this, but the size of a bacteria or virus doesn't mean much. A tiny virus can kill you. So 10:1 ratio of bacteria cells to human cells in your body is still significant.
Samushura 8 months ago
I read a wonderful passage from a fantasy book, of all places. The main character, a male wizard, is arguing with a fallen angel. She is going on about all of his anger, and how all men are angry. His counter is that, sure he gets angry, but anger isn't always destructive. When channeled properly, it's called Passion. Passion creates a great many wonderful things. Van Gough had Passion, and look at his work. Passion taught Orville and Wilbur Wright how to exploit a loophole in the laws of physics in order to give us powered flight. MLK Jr.s Passion fueled the Civil rights movement....
Akinorr 8 months ago
I am suggesting they kneel during the anthem as a straight out insult to America.
Voodoolmaran 7 months ago
To quote Dorothy Gayle... There is no place like home...
Faeshakar 7 months ago
This is a very interesting topic, ST. Thanks for taking the time to put it together. I feel that, as you had painstakingly taken the time to put all of this together, a knee jerk response would do a disservice to the OP.
Telrajas 7 months ago
Also, I need to move :)
Samutaxe 7 months ago
Two of those deficits are not like the others.
Arahn 7 months ago
I second that, I will donate the GAS!
Jum 7 months ago
Yet, the evangelicals' Messiah, Donald Trump, boasts of his sexual conquests and of grabbing women by the pu**y.
Jule 7 months ago
Some Christians are convinced their pets will be in heaven waiting for them. : /
Zulular 7 months ago
Don?t forget enthusiastic fundraiser Fatty Patty!
Gall 6 months ago
Unspeakably evil according to whom?

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