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"True. It's telling that at least women who speak out in the public eye are taken seriously. For those of us who won't make the papers with our stories, I think things are about as backward as ever."

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On her torso, Elsa had crafted a fairly intricate corset, big enough (barely) to hold her well-rounded breasts, ending just above her belly button.

I was watching his nose disappearing in my pubic hair and his eyes rolling back.

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I mean, I love baseball and all, but I just wanted to get to the blowjob already. They finally pulled out of his mouth and ass and the boy coughed and gagged but nothing came out of his mouth that I could see. "Flint is always ten times harder. A nice stiff one," she said grabbing her crotch again in mock gesture.

I slipped one hand under the grey t-shirt he had on, running it upwards towards his chest and then down again, stopping right above his crotch.

" Tears rolled off Otys cheek as she sobbed into Anna's breasts.

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Voodoot 11 months ago
Love an easy word to that is thrown around all the time, and often abuse. Yet the golden rule only asks us to treat others as you would be treated, or to love your neighbour as yourself. But no one has done that.
Daikora 11 months ago
False. The evidence is everywhere you look. God has provided it Himself. But, hey, it is not my problem if you reject the Gospel. Take it or leave it. Your choice. Enjoy it while you can do so. The time will come when everyone will bow on their knees and acknowledge Jesus Christ as LORD.
Tashicage 11 months ago
There is the most racist person I've ever encountered!
Kajigor 11 months ago
The Vatican is going to move to the U.S.
Visar 11 months ago
Moning CP. Geez, 2 down votes for saying good morning to me. That stinks.
Tugul 11 months ago
I was thinking that lol
Yozshur 11 months ago
Wasn't what I was going for. That's OK. It went right over gotta's head anyways.
Faele 10 months ago
They are all heroes in establishing a Free America founded under faith in our Creator..
Nele 10 months ago
So then you now admit there is a difference between detainment and arrest.
Negore 10 months ago
My mom taught me, Don't complain, blame or explain.
Shakarisar 10 months ago
Yeah, okay, we all know that you are so much wiser and so much more intelligent than you would be a great candidate to buy that bridge for sale in Brooklyn. Of course, we don't really care that it doesn't make sense to you, for you are just another sinful, fallible man, and do not think like God thinks. It only has to make sense to Him. Yours is not to question His judgments; rather it is yours to accept and to worship Him, knowing that He is God, and He is wiser and stronger than we humans are. [Isaiah 55.]
Malalkree 10 months ago
One of us is clearly having problems reconciling this verse with their pre-conceived conclusions.
Kikree 9 months ago
Ain't he though?! The guy may have caught me staring
Kajit 9 months ago
The parents have the opportunity to get an education (pell grants, financial aid available)

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