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"100%. I have been in a relationship with the creator of the universe for well over 40 years. There is no doubt in my mind that He is real."

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It certainly tasted like shit. She looked down at them, wondering what would be next. They were on fire and the passion was fueling the fire. I didn't want to lose my marriage, even though I hated the bastard for not giving me want I wanted.

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" I smirk and look at him as he laughs. I figured she had slipped into the bathroom and would send a picture of her shirt pulled up or maybe Gsys a shot of her panties. As I sat there watching the movie I noticed some movement on the right side. so i said " oh shit i'm so sorry " " No it's okay, i hernamdo you want it.

I knew where Kara Danvers lived, and she and Supergirl were the same person, so I knew exactly where to find the little slut. Even though she was crying, she didn't want me to see, and she was muffling the sound with one of her hands.

" I pointed at the ceiling. Holy shit!" Nate bounced up and down, trying to keep his voice down, but his excitement was almost uncontainable. "Hey" I said back in a voice Gzys sounded like it wasn't even mine. He then started to pick Gaya the pace and did long strokes which were so hard it almost made the table move.

Okay?" "Oh hell yes," they both said together.

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Kizragore 8 months ago
I feel your pain. I have gall stone it's soo incredibly painful. When I have an attack and go to the ER. They say it's not that bad and say surgery is just optional. And they don't give me any naxos for the pain because they think it's an excuse to get the drug. I just take advil I feel like crying when I think about it. And I supposedly have great insurance :/ but then I think I don't want surgery anyways.
Kagamuro 8 months ago
dont remind obgyn told me his sperm had nuclear warheads on them. this was AFTER my sterilization when I got preggers again.
Samuk 8 months ago
Homina, homina, homina.
Zulkijora 8 months ago
And you fail miserably.
Kajikus 8 months ago
?????????????? Who and why ?.....?? ?? ??
Shakanos 7 months ago
No, all this is showing "science books" to be off. That comment seems a bit dogmatic. Science books don't explain it just fine when research like this is surprising people.
Narn 7 months ago
Nobody should ever cave to the threats made by Islamic radicals aka Palestinians
Maugis 7 months ago
For once, your skeptical side needs to win.
Tojagul 7 months ago
If you don't accept aliens that might be considered "racist".
Malagar 7 months ago
Exactly, the dolt responsible for putting the sign up doesn't understand how to run a business.
Morr 6 months ago
Am I imagining that this couple went to a baker that specializes in custom designed cakes because they actually wanted a custom designed cake that celebrates their particular marriage, or would that be a rational conclusion?
Jukasa 6 months ago
Then explain what you meant so I can understand . ?? ??
Zolojora 6 months ago
Maybe she was the only woman there?
Mogal 6 months ago
Read the book geh. No...i didn't say anything about the old testament law. It fades it says, but its clear what Gods stance is. I was referring to Romans.
Nikogal 6 months ago
Based upon a complete lack of supporting evidence, I conclude that god does not exist.
Dole 6 months ago
Trumptards are Jews?
Zolozahn 6 months ago
Said someone lying about gods existing.
Kebar 5 months ago
Now it?s an embarrassing mess
Mura 5 months ago
It?s like a placebo for the fearful and lazy.
Keramar 5 months ago
RUDY is a bot.
Moogusida 5 months ago
The only baker I want to hear from is Enzo from The Godfather.
Tobar 5 months ago
They thought illness was a punishment and natural occurances like thunder came directly from a god.
Arashirisar 5 months ago
Cultural reasons? I think not, it is all about religious reasons, essentially, accepted by cultures as their own belief structures without acknowledgement of how it was, essentially, provided.
Shaktilabar 4 months ago
The theory changes over time as we learn more. What's the problem? If only religion was the same.
Zulusar 4 months ago
No. It is God's will that we be free. All of us have used this freedom to harm another at some point in our lives. This makes God very angry. But instead of pouring out His justified wrath on all of us, He poured it out instead on His own Son. Now, we each have a choice to humble ourselves to accept this gift of grace. It is God's wish that we all do so. But we can rebel against God's wishes and refuse His gift. One day, each person will be held responsible for all of their choices, and that day is only delayed by God's mercy toward those who are yet to humbly accept His gift. Justice will be served one way or another.
Doujind 4 months ago
The post didn?t say anything about using thoughts and prayers as a preventive measure. It suggested that perhaps positive moral guidance could be a decent preventative measure.
Fenribei 4 months ago
It seems you are pre-decided that the Bible can't contradict your notions of god. Therefore, any verse to the contrary must be rationalized with that goal in mind.
Kemuro 4 months ago
I know you have to believe that to sooth your butthurt liberal snowflake mind.
Misho 3 months ago
Ohhh been there a couple three times...
Aram 3 months ago
This post is about Christianity.
Goltikus 3 months ago
No, it was not about a coin. The Jews wanted Jesus to choose sides, so to speak, so that the Jews could then stir up a riot among the people.
Ararisar 3 months ago
Plus that's what we're told to do. Be firm so they get the point! Slap them if you need to! If you've ever wondered why some of us don't, this is why.
Mauhn 3 months ago
I figured out how to fake squirts and force my body to do it without it actually being an O. I?d make a few fake squirts and he?d think he was Tarzan, king of the jungle and finish.
Ket 2 months ago
In many ways we're not special, and I'm OK with it.
Shaktikree 2 months ago
It seems to me that nonbelievers are always at pains to show that subjective morality is perfectly functional in comparison to objective morality. Perhaps we should consider whether the believer's god-given, objective morality augments subjective morality, whether it improves it in some way.

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