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"Yeah, it is fine to post one or two, but after that is just gets spammy."

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She was plenty happy to see me and we flirted for a little bit. But back then I was ten, and his cock seemed huge. As I moved my left hand along his right hip and thigh, then up toward his penis, he sort reehead jerked a little and slightly smiled. I was shocked for a moment.

"You've had some fun while I was away, hm?" She started Masterbte, bottoming out my cock in her hot cunt and pulling back up slowly, almost teasingly. I was enjoying the deep breaths she was taking while I worked her over her body.

Does he like swimming too?what's his favorite flavor of Ice cream?Does he like puppies or kitties better?" I laugh as all the parents answering without skipping a beat " Blue,yes he loves to swim,Chocolate Chip, puppies.

I fucked her ferociously on our parents bed for less than a minute before I exploded inside her. When she saw me, she showed me a picture of two very young girls, hardly any tits at all, kissing each other deeply.

" My gorgeous feast said. Her tongue licked both nipples, which were still cold and stiff, and playfully nibbled on them as well as the rest of Elsa's chest. I was in the grocery story doing some shopping. we kissed and she left, saying she had a nail appointment.

Maasterbate talk for a couple of minutes before she returns with a little bag and tells us, "MOMMY I'M GOING TO SEE MY Reduead TOO!" She says rsdhead all the authority a five year old can command Ellie,Kiko and Verna start laughing as Tiffany tells her she can't dedhead which Karen kicks her mother in the shin going.

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Mohn 1 year ago
agreed but if you decide to do a kind act for purely selfless reasons, is that not always objectively moral? Even if your act of kindness somehow offends or affects another, does that change the morality of the deed?
Shaktikus 1 year ago
How I imagine idiots react when they return after promising never to return and get called out for it.
Sabei 1 year ago
This comes from North America pre-contact. And our stories often point to the cruelty we had towards each other.
Meramar 1 year ago
I'm not a Wizard. I don't know their rules.
Galar 1 year ago
I did that over there. It?s a treat.... though temperatures in Hanoi were cooler than we expected, the people were warm and gracious.
Kazisida 1 year ago
Lots of interesting perspectives here. I never even thought of this.
Netilar 1 year ago
I am more cautious of doing that. See many a Christian has said I talk too much about myself. It is Prideful ? You want some adventure stories ? I sure can give them to you. ?? where do you want me to start ? ?? ??
Akimi 1 year ago
My statement stands.
Kigagal 11 months ago
If you read the Bible, you don?t need 999 of them...
Akitilar 11 months ago
I'm not sure that the fact they are EEO is to blame.
Kadal 11 months ago
I think it depends. Should a black baker be made to prepare and write in "God bless the KKK" on one of his confections?
Yozshujinn 11 months ago
??? How can you afford to have glass in your windows...
Brazahn 10 months ago
Yep. And this has to be on earth for the humans to be able to learn what is right and what is wrong.
Bragis 10 months ago
I have never met the atheists you speak of. I don't believe in god because there is no evidence of his existence at all, this is said colloquially. the fact that I cant disprove god doesn't make the proposition 50/50, I'm sure you've heard all the arguments about other mythical creatures that I also cant disprove. so it comes down to my personal default (even though this pisses people off for some reason) I reject your claim of a deity because I haven't found any evidence to the contrary.
Jugami 10 months ago
Good call. I think I just might.
Tauzuru 10 months ago
But Columbine etc. did also happen because the US has always had some kind of popularity-culture. Just look at all those teenie movies, where the outcast kid is a poor slob until he/she does something special and is accepted in the cool kids circles. The (supposed) ugly girl who makes herself up and at the end gets the handsome quarterback guy or the shy guy who earns the respect of the other guys by doing something very cool/heroic. And by suggesting that being the coolest guy or most beloved/attractive girl in class (or even school) is the ultimate goal, Hollywood has just paved the way to social-acceptance struggle.
Akikus 10 months ago
OH YES! lololol
Goltizahn 10 months ago
Are you just ignorant of the recent findings or are you just not getting it?
Nik 9 months ago
Nice picture, has nothing to do with nothing.
Shaktigor 9 months ago
the way you handled it was poor in my opinion. my response would be apologize for my reaction and explain why you reacted that way.
Vucage 9 months ago
my wife gives me ultimatums all the time, sadly she doesn't go through and leave me!
Tokree 9 months ago
"I'm not the one that denies the threat of MS-13."
Akinosho 9 months ago
It is good to have a sense of humor.
Kikinos 9 months ago
I suggest you look up the responsibilities of judicial branch vs executive (of which the IRS is a part of). Unless, that is, you want to delve into conspiracy of "the entire world is against poor innocent tax dodger" kind.
Brazragore 8 months ago
Nope. But Trump can easily be proven, because he opens his mouth. And horribly, some sort of neanderthal speech emerges. ??
Akishakar 8 months ago
i think so. i go there and they give me money.
Turg 8 months ago
Says Giuliani. It's DOJ guidance that you can't indict a sitting president - not the law. The prosecutors in both Watergate and the Clinton investigation believed they could indict the President.
Voodoomi 8 months ago
I've had rangers at state parks and whatnot ask me if I had a service animal a couple times when I've accidentally moved on to a trail that isn't dog friendly (why some routes aren't is beyond me). They seem genuinely suprised when I apologize, tell them no, and leave. Guessing they're at the point where they're used to people responding with bold faced lies.

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