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"This is the same Romney who was dead confident that he would win too. And when he didn't, he was stunned and dazed."

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If I knew where he was I would have freee him about you. I lay their, almost paralysed by the orgasm I just had, my mind was swimming with all different kinds of emotions. Amy laughed, and with her other hand, grabbed the base of Will's shaft.

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He stood and reluctantly pulled his uniform shirt off. I couldn't help but start to fuck that juicy pussy; my first entry was very deep. It was all I could do to drag it while taking several rest breaks. Pierce, tried his hardest not to accept the dick into his doination, but as he did, the school teacher pulled on his hair harder, causing him to yelp in pain.

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Goshicage 8 months ago
Who is responsible for "disarming" people?
Jushakar 8 months ago
Sadly there are millions of people without the means to raise and support even one.
Tajora 8 months ago
Zologal 7 months ago
Some lady is wailing and it's scaring me.
Shaktikora 7 months ago
Why are you referfing to the ADA? Or the Fair Housing law?
Samura 7 months ago
I couldn?t care less what he believed.
Vudojinn 7 months ago
"God"? The OP is talking about a creator, without any definition whatsoever...
Gutaxe 7 months ago
LMAO nope, Daredevil and the movie Wind River
Nishura 6 months ago are just avoiding my question. You either didn?t do well on the SAT?s or you never took them because College at any level was beyond your abilities or you are a Putz Putin Troll and should be shot as an enemy combatant...
Tashicage 6 months ago
Here's how one influential Christian of the 20th C described it:
Shahn 6 months ago
The only argument FOR a Creator Entity is that any Critter that has the means to construct a universe, has the means to make it look like an explicable phenomenon. Until said Critter decides to explain It's Divine Self to us in an unambiguous way. So it seems we're stuck with the obvious fact that It is so good at what It does, we are too puny in our intellect to detect It's Holy Presence.
Goltikazahn 6 months ago
I don't think I will communicate with you before you read a standard school textbook of history. Start with Gibbon and Toynbee. Report your progress.
Kazrashura 6 months ago
Yes I did if consciousness resides outside the body then it is independent from the body. If it resides outside the body then it cannot evolve with the body. You hit the nail on the head we could be living in the Matrix.
Gugal 5 months ago
I'm great - work reasons forced me to cut back, and i got used to not using Disqus.
Fenos 5 months ago
He rejected Christianity when he became a young adult ... probably earlier but never admitted it until later.
Bajas 5 months ago
Olinto De Pretto and a bunch of German physicists who's names I can't remember off the top of my head as I am no expert in this. This is a historical fact that has been exposed for quite some time now. Kikestein's handlers took these theories and mashed them together and said he came up with it to create a propaganda myth of Jewish genius to counteract the fact that their IQs had been tested in the low 90s, a full 10 points below the White European average. You will never convince me that someone with an IQ in the low 90s did anything for science.
Tetaxe 5 months ago
This guy is hilariously funny! It would be a shame not having him anymore..
Yoramar 5 months ago
Must be such a burden for you.
Tushicage 5 months ago
I found my 50!
Dule 5 months ago
You comment makes me feel like I've underestimated my relationship with my dentist.
Yozshurg 4 months ago
We're so sorry Uncle Albert
Kajira 4 months ago
Animals are reined in, not reigned over.
Shaktibei 4 months ago
That is a pretty thick blanket statement. There are Christian denominations that teach from the bible, while emphasizing that the Mosaic Law (that part about punishment for homosexual activity) is part of the old and no longer valid law for ancient Israel. Those that stress the importance of "doing unto others as you would have them do unto you" and so on. Just because some in a group are unacceptable isn't a valid nor a logical reason to demonize the entire group.
Junris 4 months ago
Huh? Yes I did. I'm always first.
Sagrel 4 months ago
Forever (adverb). "For all future time".
Vudolar 4 months ago
Of course they will. Because Paul said so.
Migami 3 months ago
That's far too vague. I would go as far as to say meaningless.
Vihn 3 months ago
HUgs for the small town attitude!
Nerg 3 months ago
Some of your disgusting priests raped as many as 200 children. In my area alone? Two priests were responsible for the rapes of over 400 children. And your church finally admitted it and paid out huge multimillion dollar sums to all the victims.

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