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FamilyStrokes - Hot Teens Blackmail And Fuck Bangin Milf

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Kigarr 1 year ago
? It is so. The moment you attempt to mathematically measure a postulated "eternal" space by time you destabilize that eternity into a finite infinitesimal progression (with either a negative or positive potential).
JoJolabar 1 year ago
Of course, the president mentioned that in tweets, I should naturally expect it to become the go to answer. lol
Fesar 1 year ago
Nope. Has it been established that he absolutely refuses to bake cakes for any and all homosexual customers in all cases because of their sexual orientation? If not, then the allegations against him are unfounded.
Moogugami 11 months ago
"you do not know that Mueller has no evidence linking this to Manafort's campaign work"
Midal 11 months ago
You drove me to tears and THAT'S all you got to say for yourself?
Mazuran 11 months ago
Nope. I am not a "decent human being. I am a God and Live to create a better Life for my Family and all humans. And that include you too. As normally the relationships in a Forum is only based on debating skills. Now much more is introduced. Family. And if you look over at my OP on Wisdom We bring in a better ordering system. Based on Love. With Wisdom ordering it.
Zulkizuru 11 months ago
All fundamentalists are profoundly ignorant of science.
Mikazil 11 months ago
Spare me the shallow scantimony... Let me guess no issues with Obama sucking up to Iran, Russia... bowing to Muslim dictators?
Tubei 11 months ago
I'd be happy to match my native English skills against yours anytime, fizbanic. :)
Tygocage 11 months ago
never assume anything it makes an ass out of 'u' and 'me'
JoJojinn 10 months ago
Whatever it is, I admit, because of Catholic education institutions many poor children got educated in developing countries. American care provided broken wheat with Soy oil gave nutrients to many poor in poor countries.
Faucage 10 months ago
it's your OP. It's very offensive to find out you didn't comprehend a single thing people said
Kimuro 10 months ago
So your stats are.....running away. Typical scaredy-cat move.
Grolabar 10 months ago
Bad history seems to be a curse. I could make a similar list from discussions about Islam. But real objective history, or as close as we can come is truly exciting and informative. Propaanda of any sort should be an anathema to any educated person.
Maular 10 months ago
So facts and evidence are not in your wheelhouse, understood.
Zolotilar 10 months ago
Why is there an expiry date on sour cream?
Tohn 10 months ago
She has to hit rock bottom and realize she's been brainwashed. If you think you are doing something good for her by encouraging her to leave the church you may end up being the bad guy/gal. She's in a cult. Any church that exhibits that much control is a cult.
Malaramar 9 months ago
Men are NOT animals. How do I know what God thinks? I only know what God tells us in His Word about Himself.
Tular 9 months ago
They call it Plan B because you're supposed to have a Plan A.
Mezilar 9 months ago
Small towns are terrible this way, your reputation follows you forever
Fenrile 9 months ago
Very helpful ??
Migal 8 months ago
And in repeat patients. ??
Dagami 8 months ago
I said a year ago + it was Leftybasher/Revive or whatever name he's using today. Remember Batman was from Kitchener. Guess where revive is from. You got it, Kitchener.
Akinos 8 months ago
"Why don't you read buddo a bit of history you totally ignore? There wasn't at that time any Jewish state and their origin was from Canaan as it is also stated in the Bible you apparently failed to read."
Molrajas 8 months ago
Lol then he's got much bigger problems. Still, I doubt she'd tell him if that was the nature of the meeting.
Mataur 8 months ago
Someoen suggested the GF basically got off on humiliating the guy. Might be true. She may very well decide she wants to get even more of a thrill by having her new thing glaze her unwilling boyfriends donut.
Mell 7 months ago
Reply above time for bed!!
Fenrimuro 7 months ago
"Everyone has their own idea about saving. Its none of your business. Some people don't believe in saving."
Taulmaran 7 months ago
God created itself as it's own family of Divine Beings. Gave that family 'freewill' and all hell broke loose.
Mezile 7 months ago
No gag reflex....amirite?! *wink*
Fegor 7 months ago
No, it was not really ready for it and while I agree the church played a role, it was not the only player in that, at lest not til after 1000 CE

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