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"Witness tampering---So, how's that witch hunt going? Looks pretty damn good to me!"

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Hot Step Sis Playing Do Not Cum Challenge With My Cock

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Vugul 1 year ago
why is it a crime when I copy god?
Bagami 1 year ago
What do you have to fear?
Kazitilar 11 months ago
The 'prove it game' is one third of this muppets armoury.
Kazranris 11 months ago
As long as they are silk socks I have no problem with any of that. LOL He even lets me pole dance when I do not know how to.
Nazuru 11 months ago
If you want to, go for it.
Shagrel 11 months ago
He also doesn't understand what freedom of religion is.
Gardajora 11 months ago
I see his facts have ripped you a new asshole, and are, what do you call it?
Bazshura 11 months ago
Part of the success of Rome and incidentally the Ottomans was they let the locals continue with the laws that people seem most concerned about while working to unify and standardize them. And all citizens followed the same laws. And the Romans made it possible to become a Roman in a variety of ways. That meant that there were Romans eventually everywhere and not just in Rome or Latium.
Mazugar 10 months ago
1) You mean like indoctrination? You didn't answer who it is who determines whether it is "proper" or not.
Yozshushakar 10 months ago
The decisions i speak are based on the separation of Church and state that is what this thread is about.
Shaktibar 10 months ago
Yes I saw your replies. You want us to believe it doesn't say what it says because you say so.
Zumi 10 months ago
It makes me think of the current mass extinction events we're seeing and the many species that will not continue over the next 200,000-year period (or whatever stable period we reach).
Feshicage 9 months ago
I'm inclined to believe that a large part of it is. Not
Moogushicage 9 months ago
But kids need to know not everything is equal. As is life, you just have to deal with loss of power and fairness at times. I think it may be harder with boys to not feel powerless in a super-hero fueled immature generation.
Tazil 9 months ago
No no no no. Just because the bible says he did don't mean he did. We know the Holocaust happened. There are literally people still alive that survived it. Where is the evidence of a person coming back from the dead? Can you demonstrate it's even possible, let alone that Jesus did it?
Akinocage 9 months ago
How many memes you got, cumgurgler? Like, half a dozen?
Dazil 9 months ago
I would say that it had a lot to do with slavery... at the
Kagar 8 months ago
LMFAO so all those adults who committed these crimes based on their "holy book and gawd's words" and their religion that comes from it, are now babies sh%tt#ng in their diapers huh?
Gora 8 months ago
Who is Raymond?
Kim 8 months ago
You know my job hires a firm to review our linked in pages, they even hired a photographer. They will be like don?t say that say this lol
Faerg 8 months ago
Have you got a convenient list I can refer to? I always have trouble remembering, and thought Revelations was later than everything else.
Nikojar 8 months ago
Religion is a key aspect among the uneducated. As societies evolve and become more capable, educated and savvy, religion wanes.
Tygora 8 months ago
Course not. I already proved Criss Angel's tricks use basic props.
Mikamuro 7 months ago
If you're a Conservative, the last thing you should be wishing, a hoping, and a praying for is the complete collapse of one of the two main prog parties. Though I expect a Conservative win tomorrow, around 60% or so of voters will cast for the Libs, NDP, or Greens. If the left doesn't remain divided, the right won't stand a chance moving forward.
Maugami 7 months ago
Personally, I think there's lack of practicality and I do not, by principle, support demagogy.
Grokus 7 months ago
I also saw this one in my searches for my image.
Zolole 7 months ago
You expect me to quote an entire chapter in one OP???
Nazahn 6 months ago
Yes - why wouldn't he?
Arashirn 6 months ago
That's the only time of day it's right? I should know this...I remember there was a reason.
Tygojin 6 months ago
Yes, I Don't Disagree but also a trained cosmologist.

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