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"Why? Jesus was a nobody in a backwater town in the largest empire on the face of the earth. Jerusalem was irritant and irrelevant hence the reason it was razed to the ground in 70AD. Supernatural events either real or perceived was common place in antiquity. So why would a supposed resurrection be note worthy?"

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Mikalar 1 year ago
He left you as evidence.
Kazrakus 1 year ago
Lol What can you find out on LinkedIn other than like job status
Faejin 1 year ago
thank you, I appreciate that but the OP is all yours! Well written too
Dabar 1 year ago
Great strawman game you are playing there Rize. Typical of Christians to play the strawman game.
Akinobei 1 year ago
.......aaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnndddddddddddd someone swooped in before us.
Zuzuru 1 year ago
bahahahaha kinda like around here :P
Dailabar 11 months ago
Admit defeat I demand it or I shall lay down the gauntlet
Zulkirg 11 months ago
?? You do not believe the events depicted occured?
Vudor 11 months ago
Well, since it is one man understanding how DC functions, espousing his reasoning for furthering his goals, I think it aligns with the Constitution perfectly.
Malahn 11 months ago
I'm really presenting a hypothesis, but directing your attention to the facts. Science matches what the bible says concerning species evolution. According to families...multiply. It has a limit.
Gokinos 11 months ago
My mom made me hate steak growing up because she overcooked it and it took forever to chew.
Taugul 11 months ago
Sorry, no clue what you're talking about.
JoJokora 11 months ago
"None of the Bible stories hold up when used with the above two." The problem is you are making the judgement.
Kigagore 11 months ago
Yeah.... mild Rain... New BMW... Teenage kids... a little distraction ... too much speed and sharp turn at an intersection... witnessed one last night as well. AWD and ABS does you no good once you break traction.
Araktilar 10 months ago
I'd say divine intervention has been demonstrated to actually exist if what is otherwise impossible happens. And how do we know what is possible? By finding out what has happened.
Yozshunris 10 months ago
Oh I knew some Christian would play the old No True Scotsman line of apologetic denialism.
Kazrajora 10 months ago
Yep. I know. But for me to have the Truth that Really is the Truth puts me on a higher Level of existence. As in this case we know about a better existence than human existence. That is God existence. So we are into establishing Family and not just into "debating". A more worthy existence even on the Internet.
Kazracage 10 months ago
Bottom line is that the 13th Amendment banned slavery, notwithstanding the original Constitution's provisions condoning and allowing it. It isn't all that much different from what religious people have done with the Bible's provisions through the centuries.
Vugor 10 months ago
When did Napoleon attack the Jews, lying Jew? Before you devils all banded together to destroy him he supported you -
Zuluzahn 9 months ago
And yet if they're fleeing a war zone, where the war zone can and often does reach across long swathes of land, fleeing across an ocean makes sense and is still a war refugee move.
Zulular 9 months ago
When the Ottoman Sultan declared that henceforth the religious minorities would be considered full citizens like the Muslims, the Greek Bishop objected. His objection was not to being elevated to the level of a Muslim, but that now a Jew was equal to him!
Brak 9 months ago
You keep claiming there is a flaw despite the overcoming up as perfectly fine in court cases.
Nazahn 9 months ago
Please do, but not sure it will help. Had this debate in another group and was repeatedly informed that women can just go someplace else for their screenings, tests, and exams: their tax money wasn't supposed to pay for abortions.
Zolorg 8 months ago
I'm not the one going against mainstream, peer-reviewed science. Now, let's see those scientific qualifications of yours, especially in radiometry.
Voodoosar 8 months ago
As always, your blissfully ignorant demographic doesn't understand the facts. You're no different than the flat earth people Sling Blade. ;)
Faeramar 8 months ago
You wash out your dirty mouth! I personally cannot stand blended, it's crap!
Shagrel 8 months ago
Everything illegal is a sin? Really? Hope your reality never overlaps here. . .that would be awful. These things were illegal in the US, too, until quite recently. They'll catch up.
Malam 7 months ago
You are deflecting now, the GOP ran a na zi and Republicans voted for one in 2018. Please explain how he is good for jews?
Misho 7 months ago
Care to vouch for the authenticity of Ephesians, Colossians, 2 Thessalonians, 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus?
Vojinn 7 months ago
The Title 1 FISA warrant on Carter Page basically made him radioactive. Getting that warrant illegally is the real issue here.
Grogul 7 months ago
When Obama pardoned non violent drug offenders, the Right treated him like he raped a kindergartener.
Mazuzil 6 months ago
I had no idea that the RCC had such a stranglehold on all of education in Ireland. This is going to be a tough problem for the Oireachtas to solve.
Samujas 6 months ago
The only deluded one here is you if you think that your contributions have any worth.
Kagat 6 months ago
Stole the thoughts out of my head!

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