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384 09:241 year ago

"Hope you Libs love the taste of carpet, 'cause you'll be chomping on it until at least 2025."

TeenyBlack - Petite Chocolate Girlfriend Fucked While She Studies

When you're finished, you'll slide the bag under the door to me. Naked in an instant they led her to the grand four poster bed across the room.

TeenyBlack - Petite Chocolate Girlfriend Fucked While She Studies

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Aram 1 year ago
When I was about 6 or 7, I thought that God did evolution. Basically, what happened was that my grandfather bred dogs so I'd quite literally watched evolution happening in the form of mild selective pressure against light-coloured eyes. I also thought that God was all-powerful at that age like Santa.
Kakus 1 year ago
Upvote for humor.
Vudodal 1 year ago
Your heart is very dark. You should have that checked out.
Mezimuro 1 year ago
>>"No one is allowed to marry the one they choose. "<<
Dorn 1 year ago
There MAY be a FEW atheists in SOME foxholes that MIGHT turn to god as the shit is hitting the fan.
Gajas 1 year ago
Well, I'm done dealing with you, so knock yourself out, Champ.
JoJojora 1 year ago
Yes. I'm not really into telling someone else how many kids they should/shouldn't have, but they must be able to take care of them.
Garn 1 year ago
meh, I don't find that amusing. It's the kind of comment that makes people say we're only here to bash Christians.
Zugar 1 year ago
Yay! Are you moved in yet?
Moogurisar 1 year ago
I have never had a problem with creation. I surely don't understand it which is why my concept centers around a god that creates. To be, being here and now, it is the simplest answer to how we got here. I surely don't go with the 6000 years concept but with the scientific concept that is actually being able to be proved.
Mooguzuru 11 months ago
I didn't say it was just video games, right?
Voodookree 11 months ago
Well me n CLEETIS, we likes ta poke fun at dem Internet ignerints what don?t bliev n God
Zuzilkree 11 months ago
"will suddenly/magically recognize Israel's right to exist and stop terrorizing Israel?"
Garr 11 months ago
You refuse to look. That is your own failure.
Faurisar 11 months ago
And that is the whole story of the Holy hole , or the holey story of the of the Holy Whole, could even be the whole emptiness of the deep. However my understanding is now wholly complete. I should have left the whole subject of whole alone.
Mujinn 11 months ago
it really is an evil system, this is truth.
Bam 10 months ago
In the Presbyterian faith the church allocates how much the minister actually gets per year we actually vote on it. So there is none of this but I feel this happens all the time
Arashura 10 months ago
If you're going to contribute nothing but a snarky comment you should at least make it a little bit witty or clever. That's one and a half seconds of my life I'll never get back! See how easy it is?

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