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"I believe in a different religious narrative."

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Whenever she held the S crest in her hands, her groin started tingling, and she had the dirtiest thoughts. Anna let out a gasp as the chill of Elsa's hands overwhelmed her, the cold that crept through the inside of her body reached her vagina again, and she began to twitch. So I greeted them with the usual "Merry Christmas from your local paper boy," there was a young lady at the door wearing a very thin T-shirt and shorts.

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Mazukazahn 9 months ago
Doesn't pleasing your partner make you happy? I am far more concerned about him and our marriage than a passing man.
Jushicage 9 months ago
Yes well in the absence of a deity I can say whatever I want to be true.
Ferg 9 months ago
If you are speaking of agency or even what we are adept at, should a child with no love or skill at math be FORCED to take it "for their own good"? We often criticize parents for imposing things on their kids out of love and desire for that individual to have the best life, but when school systems impose them generically we accept for some reason. Take violin and piano, my parents forced those on me out of love and I'm glad to have those skills now. I can't say the same for gym where I was harassed like it was a sex show.
Vurg 9 months ago
Right, my bad, corrected.
JoJojas 9 months ago
At least their dictator doesn?t murder millions of innocent peo..... err nevermind
Vorr 9 months ago
News Views.... and what's that one Lady Checkmate runs?
Bashicage 9 months ago
The racists of the old south must be very upset.
Shakarr 8 months ago
Oh my gawwwd that was funny.
Tojalmaran 8 months ago
Unless you are turdeau.
Zulkir 8 months ago
That's actually a good point. Maybe people are becoming more devout. Environmentalist, Feminists, Atheists, Socialists, Hedonists, Abortionists, are all becoming more devout.

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