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"You have no issue with "Do as I say, not as I do"?"

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Dira 11 months ago
"The National Football League announced Wednesday that all players who are on the field when the national anthem is heard before a game must stand ? or they can choose to remain in the locker room without penalty."
Goltijinn 11 months ago
so you've never checked a dude out from head to toe??? come onnnn
Akinoshakar 11 months ago
Nonbelievers, by which I mean me, don't 'assume there's no god', we merely don't see evidence for one.
Gulkis 11 months ago
Maybe some gujocking is called for?
Kele 11 months ago
That I am no human being but a Godly Being.
Kakinos 11 months ago
No, that's you. You only worry about authority. You follow a law simply because you're told to.
Gashakar 11 months ago
Not every Mod here is as negatively mentally impacted by religion as the mod I am sure you are noticing.
Zunos 10 months ago
Religion may be a human construct to some extent or another, but that doesn't mean God is.
Zulukus 10 months ago
Ditto - just goes to show though if you have a bit of money, anyone can be a stunner :)
Kazrar 10 months ago
Easy answer. Withdrawal all accounts and get a safe deposit box, put cash in box and hide the key and keep some cash at work. Cancel tv, call credit card companies and freeze accounts. Remove tv's from the house.
Kabei 10 months ago
Please refer to my cogent analysis of that. We actually do not know the answer. One cannot say with certainty that it was not ultimately chosen.
Gozragore 10 months ago
When was the last bombing of an abortion clinic carried out by an atheist fundie?
Karn 10 months ago
The fact that orientation has been demonstrated to be fluid refutes the notion that any of the aspects reference in your research makes one "hard wired" to be of any particular orientation.
Tygoramar 10 months ago
Romans 1:20 Every person that ever lived will be held accountable for knowing and understanding who God is. Any claim of ignorance will not be accepted.
Moogull 9 months ago
In before. But it?s still bacteria the whole while not grasping that bacteria is a kingdom.
Vulmaran 9 months ago
You conservative Americans are hilarious. Still debating gun control, universal health care, a living wage. As if these topics are somehow dangerous ideas that can and should never work.
Zulugal 9 months ago
Scotland is not known as a tea-sipping mecca.....
Ditaxe 9 months ago
That I despise frauds such as you.
Mausida 9 months ago
That's some wild stuff Steve, I love it!!
Faurg 9 months ago
Because you don't need to go further than that to see a clear trend. But if you'd like, here is another graph that goes much further back:
Zujora 9 months ago
Yes to the gut instincts and escape plans. I honestly do that already, all the time unless it's someone I know super well. Even then, most women are assaulted by men they trust so you never truly stop listening to your gut feeling about something.
Tusida 8 months ago
you can lead a horse to water...
Gagal 8 months ago
So what. It was close to a record May here.
Dujin 8 months ago
I'm guessing it's high - this is one of very few religion channels welcoming to atheists and agnostics.
Maunos 8 months ago
You've never eaten food that a man has cooked is my question
Jubar 8 months ago
Definitely get to see who?s genuine and who is not.... I?ll survive it! Learning a hard but useful lesson in life...

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