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"The God of Islam isn't a "poof! miracle for you!" kind of deity."

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She cooked up some teeb, toast, and bacon just in time as he walked through the door yelling "Good Morning". We we're having a good conversation about her mum's boyfriend and she is very open about things, so she said.

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He stood up. What happened?" I asked, not meaning to pry, but curious to know what had broken Hor up. story?" she repeated, smiling knowing what she was trying to insinuate. They snuggled and fell asleep redheae until the phone rang to wake them up.

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Fautaxe 1 year ago
Nope. Sexual orientation is a biological multivariate based in genetics, epigenetics, hormonal baths in utero, neuronal plasticity, neuroanatomy, etc. This has been explained to you many times. Is there a reason you lack the ability to comprehend this?
Daigore 1 year ago
Then it difficult to say what yout point even is?
Kaktilar 11 months ago
Bill ?dickin bimbos? Clinton.
Tojabei 11 months ago
Hobby Lobby demonstrated companies can discriminate based on religion. If they were offering health insurance to customers, it would have been the same result.
Gardakora 11 months ago
she's worse than a vegetable, she's a parasite.
Akijar 11 months ago
It?s just so freaking awful. I?m a visual person so I?m imagining so much blood and thinking about Laurel in the elevator shaft. I can?t fathom how you could do such a thing to someone. I mean he not only killed the baby without her consent, but he could have severely injured her. What if she were on other medication or even worse if she had hemophilia and hemorrhaged?!
Nilmaran 11 months ago
Yep but was talking more like the heavier drugs, Insurance gives companies breaks for randoms
Arashilar 11 months ago
Each time you throw a ball into the air and it falls back to the ground you are providing verifiable evidence for gravity. Absolutely no faith is required.
Mazushakar 11 months ago
There's always a few suckers who will fall for the latest Internet scam. What a fool!
Faekinos 10 months ago
I've answered in the comment above most nations have admitted their historic faults. Islam has not. You seem to hope Islam will change by itself, and want to close your eyes on the facts demonstrating why it's impossible. The "majority" argument is meaningless. Even during the world wars, the majority of the fighting nations were not directly engaged in violence, an army being around 10% of the population. Yes, the majority of Pakistanis can be called peaceful, but the laws of this country, based on Sharia, prescribe death penalty for criticising Islam or Muhammad. This for sure has nothing to do with Islam, eh?
Grojora 10 months ago
That is more than a little
Arajin 10 months ago
how could you became an atheist
Akinogore 10 months ago
Thanks. We do need a bit of a discussion fleshed out. Can you add a question or two please?
Faurn 9 months ago
That is not the definition of agnostic, no... that's just sitting on the fence so long that you've become a fencepost.
Meztishakar 9 months ago
Epi. Or sex with prepubescent children or with the same sex or with different species or miscellaneous gourds or melons.
Akishakar 9 months ago
For the last time, If Adam were the first Hebrew, where and how did he learn Hebrew?
Tazilkree 9 months ago
So much WINNING!!!! - For Dems, 'blue wave' is now a trickle @CNNI
Moogujin 9 months ago
Don'y you think that anyone who reads all of your comments here will come to the conclusion that you are not really concerned with a belief on a god so much as trying to convince people that evolution is a lie? Do you really even care if a god exists?
Kajijas 9 months ago
Hey! You look like William Shatner at his best. If you can't score we're all without hope. :)
Yogami 8 months ago
Sorry. These are questions I ask myself at night. (I have no life)

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