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"No, evolutionary theory says the same thing, whether you're Christian, Muslim, Hindu or atheist."


"What?" She called me Babe - her abbreviation for baby brother. (an hour later) When I called Nate, he immediately recognized my voice and asked what had taken me so long to call.

She opened her own pants and let my cock tip touch her wetness. She remembered begging her rapist barless stay with her, begging him for a kiss.


"I would be, but I'm really exhausted, now," she said with a laugh. " I managed to sit up against the wall then my wife came in and said, "Hey sleepyhead I saw the elk in the garage. I laid Torre on teenss coffe table in front of us which was a pretty long table. I spit on my dick, covered it tees saliva, slid it into his ass, then began pounding Nate.

She then asked, "Why not. "So he is still as erected as if he was just about to cum?" mum asked with exploding interest. I knew neither one had been with a girl, and neither one had ever used a toy, but now they were going to new highs and squirting and squirming all over.

Then I saw it. The conversation was beginning to get a little more philosophical then I'd hoped. " Will paused, running his hands through his hair. I was told to leave them, they are non-believers anyway. I opened my mouth to say something but no words came out.

All I knew was that I was caught up in a strange, trance-like state of lust, and now that David had practically begged me to touch him sexually, I was beginning to really buckle under.

"Raaj. "And I'll always be here for you," Anna replied.

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Shaktigami 1 year ago
You having trouble sleeping too?
Mimuro 1 year ago
The example points out the idiocy of the suggestion it responds to.
Meztirisar 1 year ago
Is there room in this conversation for someone who believes that all physical and natural laws had to be suspended on this one occasion 2000 years ago, in other words a virgin birth is a physical impossability. Not only that but it's unoriginal the Egyptian goddess Iris had been playing the parthenogenesis angles centuries before Mary.
Nedal 1 year ago
Seems the world is in need of correct judgement that will satisfy everyone.
Grogrel 1 year ago
1. No. A teacher has a lot of power over a student and it's inappropriate to wield that power to belittle a student's culture/ethnicity/faith. No sensibly designed science program would engage what was written in the bible, and the teacher shouldn't choose to go there.
Kagajin 1 year ago
Did I disagree with the statement that harm is an objective quality? I said harm has nothing to do with morality, not that harm doesn't exist or isn't objective. My guess is whenever you think of 'harm', you assume it is synonymous with 'immoral', which I don't assume. Things cause harm. Harm isn't immoral.
Nibei 1 year ago
Men need to learn that their peen are not magical wands granting sex wishes to anyone.
Gujar 1 year ago
You mean deludes.
Nimi 11 months ago
I can't type it any slower..... yyyyeeesssssss.
Shakakasa 11 months ago
Trump just made a claim of something that did not happen--which most grade school age children know. And you are playing his rubber crutch. Neither of you should be ambulatory without a helmet!
Faulmaran 11 months ago
wow then you must be an angel a lady with such beauty the angels will be jealous of you
Kakazahn 11 months ago
Where do they come up with this stuff. Could just rewrite it like this.... My SO is a stalker and peeper. Why am I still with them and how do I run away? Seems like a no brainier to me..
Kazik 10 months ago
funny how these definitions keep changing to suit the fallacies
Zulkilkis 10 months ago
"Is this the hill you're gonna die on here? :P"
Mebar 10 months ago
Get it through your head, as I am not the claimant, I have nothing to disprove. Once again, spare us your dishonesty.
Bracage 10 months ago
This is not an issue of heart but of brain. I bet all these shooters have properly functioning hearts and a malfunctioning brain. While I agree that guns are not the problem, I don't agree that religion is the solution. The solution is better mental health care. We need to start recognizing these mental issues before the shooting starts and get these people help before they cause harm. All the praying in the world will not cure mental illness.
Kagakasa 10 months ago
You're just outright lying.
Negami 10 months ago
I cite truth. "Poverty" is obviously a consequence of voluntary choices.
Zulugrel 10 months ago
Antiheros mentioned the Council of Jerusalem, which, if it happened, happened in the 50s or 60s of the first century. Constantine came to power in the fourth. You may be confusing the Council of Jerusalem with the Council of Nicaea.
Mikadal 9 months ago
On the bottom shelf...
Feshakar 9 months ago
No, I mean that it would be a way to let her know that she's not helping. Maybe if she wasn't spending so much money on crap, you could afford to pay people to get these projects done.
Shakami 9 months ago
"Life is fragile, susceptible to reductions in population from ice ages and other forms of environmental change, infections, predation, competition from other species and for limited resources, and interactions among these forces," says Dr. Thaler. Adds Dr. Thaler, "The similar sequence variation in many species suggests that all of animal life experiences pulses of growth and stasis or near extinction on similar time scales."
Mokora 9 months ago
"I'll start with one of my own for an example. I'm sure most of you know I am fairly conservative or libertarian in my views and I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment.". So just out of curiosity. Dose that make you right or left or dose it depend on the subject. Maybe that is like being in the middle. My military views keep me in the middle with a little lean to the right.
JoJozilkree 9 months ago
The application of the scientific method.
Maumi 8 months ago
I was also a young fool in the 70's. I lived near Harvard Square and was into counterculture and drugs, mostly for the drugs. Drugs for us was pot and beer with the occasional hit of acid. I also feel like that was a different life somehow, who I have become is so far from that.
Karisar 8 months ago
And many go to church and yet believe.
Akinoshakar 8 months ago
?Is the Bible the infallible word of God?? - article
Netilar 8 months ago
That too. Or when you point out that it is natural in the animal kingdom they start throwing off special pleading cases why its bad for humans.
Kazile 8 months ago
We'll see. I would have great confidence in Elliott making mostly competent decisions and even finding a path to deal with the Capone Hydro Cartel! I have seen this clown, the past 4 years in TO, trying to upstage his sad, then dead, brother. He is a lazy c$nt and don't believe he has the intention span and work ethic to deal with them
Maunris 8 months ago
Then it holds authority only for PEOPLE who believe in God. America, as a nation, legally doesn't believe in or follow God.
Murisar 7 months ago
"from what I can gather those who are arguing in favor of Christianity are doing a pretty good job at it."

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