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"Atleast you made a great entrance ??"


"Ooh, I don't think I've ever done that before," Elsa laughed as Anna leaned back. And then her tits were in deep torture again. "Ok, now let's see what would be a good outfit pictuures a mall day. "The other part of the deal is this: being naked with someone is a nice thing - it can be a fun thing.


What sort of work do you do???" She smiled, very sexily, and pointed to her phone " I work from home. "Laundry. She didn't want to have to explain anything to anybody she might know. The she got up and grabbed a bottle of wine from the fridge. "Right.

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Groshakar 9 months ago
I've used glycolic pads before but they didn't seem to make any difference. To be fair though I wasn't religious about using them daily.
Samutaxe 8 months ago
Lets add some more responsible actions that actually help students and society on the whole instead of dragging it down into a quagmire of archaic superstition.
Dirr 8 months ago
So nothing? No evidence? Thought so.
Musho 8 months ago
It?s a win/win!
Yozshusar 8 months ago
God has provided modern medicine, so I'll be using it, too! LOL!!
Vudorisar 8 months ago
We?re the perpetrators confirmed to be Christians?
Tojajar 8 months ago
What makes God the maddest? Doing evil in His name.
Faekasa 7 months ago
"Experts estimate that 38 percent of men worldwide are circumcised, half of them for religious reasons." - from the OP
Nagul 7 months ago
Working person HUgs! You did a good job.
Vocage 7 months ago
" And it is even doubtful that he has any basis for condemning violent sex, since we are "animals," after all."
Vudal 7 months ago
just my opinion, but you make a whole lot of sense!!!
Sharr 7 months ago
So, you mention, like Andy Hood, a laser focus on God's righteous judgment of peoples in the past.
Kazrajar 7 months ago
?Science has shown us how many gods can't exist. It wasn't even trying to. Just happened.?
Samushicage 7 months ago
Are you what is known as an "incel"? A gynophobe? Or just a misogynist?
Mazuzragore 6 months ago
what? I posted the statistics on human trafficking the modern euphemism for slavery. There are now more people held in bondage then any time in history including forced labor, Sex slaves and child brides. Don't believe me look it up yourself.
Goltijinn 6 months ago
The bible is indeed full of bigotry and hate, this is just fact you brought in the strawman
Zulkishakar 6 months ago
I wouldn't say he was stupid, just ignorant when it comes to what we know now.
Faekora 6 months ago
I don't cry, it makes me feel worse
Zulujin 6 months ago
Nope it just points to a beginning of THIS arrangement of the matter/energy contained in the Universe, the creator being the instability of the singularity the universe expanded from.
Fenrinos 6 months ago
the fact that he exists at all is first

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