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"Less than that - it's the number of sponsors who didn't answer ONE phone call. Has anyone ever not missed a call?"


It wasn't a good idea. I put away the bag, and took my own bags. It was all thanks to him that I was so happy.

"Slut, spread those thighs. She farted "Did you hear my fart" " Yeah rejjuvenation tell me when youre shitting" Roger said. They wanted to inflict more pain. "What?" "I'm a virgin. "Oh yes. Janet, Nicole, Becca, Donna, and Veronica were scattered through out the room, each wearing a sexy dress that clung to their curves, talking with the other investors and their bimbo wives.

" May had just died about 3 weeks beforehand, and we went out. She came and she came and she came.

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Arahn 11 months ago
Did you not understand Ro. 5:8. Go play with someone else.
Dakinos 10 months ago
Yes, and some of them are believers in various religions and some of them aren't. :)
Kigajind 10 months ago
Who, other than Muslims, desires to live in an Islamic society?
Meztijin 10 months ago
I am self sufficient and don't rely on government. I don't give a flying funk what the government does with my tax dollars as long as a service I pay for with my taxes is available when I need it. So far I have not been disappointed. I have no horse in this game and need no luck.
JoJosho 10 months ago
trump followed up on his promises? what destroying our country? you are correct. President Obama said we have a lot of work to do. AND IT WANT BE DONE OVERNIGHT. he said we will hit some valleys "REPUBLICANS" bucking him daily for 8 years right with FOXNEWS but he stayed the course. while being called Nigger. which he PROVED HE IS AND WAS FAR FROM BEING IGNORANTAND A SLOW JOE
Tozragore 10 months ago
Well he's a retard and attention starved fa me on this tho #MIAknows
Bamuro 10 months ago
You are paranoid. Science does not deal with philosophical arguments but only evidence. Scientists don't give a rip about your supernatural claptrap and lies. Science has to produce results and Evolutionary Theory is the foundation of biology as well as modern medicine and that is never going to change. So tell us all what your magic tree - talking snake - rib woman "science" is good for exactly. How will believing the first woman was made from a rib advance anatomy? Tell us all about the advances in the life sciences creationists have made in the last three decades. Life did not appear fully formed. Unbelievable! You know why mainstream churches are either empty or gone right? Because of you fundamentalist Bible thumpers. People see things like Ken Ham and his goofy ark park and read posts from literalists like you and don't ever want to be associated with that kind of idiocy and they stop going to church. So keep talking about your magic tree "science" yell it out on the street corners. About 55,000 American Christians reject their faith each and every week precisely because of people like you. Thank you very much. Atheist maker you.
Malabar 10 months ago
No, Josh, just like you, are woefully ignorant when it comes to transgendered people.
Doumuro 10 months ago
We don't know what Jesus said.
Shami 9 months ago
The easy girl kind!

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