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"You will figure out the other half eventually."

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Female POV Blowjob, Tittyfuck and Cum on her F Cup Tits

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Digul 10 months ago
Yahweh used Greek as a means of placing His Word in the World, just like He later used Latin and now English. Is only logical, because He had sent Israel to be scattered "to the four corners of the world" and its Language soon died to be replaced by Yiddish. It was like that for many centuries, until 1948 came in, and He - again - gave life to Hebrew.
Vujar 10 months ago
Anyone calling people "human garbage" is closer to the Jew-hater's philosophy that he might think.
Mazugrel 10 months ago
EW. Lol, throw him away seriously. And to my point below, lol, I think we should fine any artist that works with him at this point wtf??
Kazralkis 10 months ago
It sounds like letting jerks off the hook. I was more sensitive when I was younger as well and had to become a bit tougher, so I get that. Part of that was not letting people off the hook for awful behavior or making excuses for them.
Goltitilar 10 months ago
I never really left any room for debate. She tries sometimes now that she's older, but I think the point is to set the boundaries and respect at an early age. It's paid off in spades for me in that department as far as respect goes. She knows I have her back and that I respect her as a human being, and my child.
Nilmaran 10 months ago
Maybe you should ask yourself why it is always the same response from many different people. Is it possible that you are the cause of the response and not everyone else?
Gagore 9 months ago
Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Again, your bias towards Muslims is showing. And again, Christians are still murdering people, not only in the US but in other countries. The Christian Serb genocide of Bosnian Muslims, the killing of people proclaimed as witches, lgbts and even albino's are killed by Christians in African countries. So hey, YOU just seem to be on a kick of Muslims without also looking at what Christians are doing.
Faugul 9 months ago
So if you were at a concert with short hair and make up? Your 25?
Shakazuru 9 months ago
Better than letting someone else make up your mind as to what is good and bad.
Mauzuru 9 months ago
Neither is any connection to genesis. Like always.
Gardataxe 9 months ago
She looks like a freaking different person.
Samurn 9 months ago
Never heard of it. What's it about without spoilers?
Samusho 9 months ago
Agree. Jesus is God. But the Child in the earth today is also Jesus.
Golmaran 8 months ago
Dude looks like a lady.
Ferisar 8 months ago
The unicorn thing was an intentional false dichotomy used to highlight evidentiary shortcomings , but that's irrelevant. You stated that you see no evidence for unicorns even though you think Bible is evidence that other things are real. Well. . .are they real, or is the Bible wrong on this point?
Gulkree 8 months ago
she's trying to save her party. She needs 8 seats to maintain official party status,.
Zurr 8 months ago
it does sound like hes just blowing her off, and placating her.. im shre after 7 years, the "sure, baby ,we'll get around to it,, crap, is wearin thin. how many times can she bring it up, before it becomes repetative? and its an important issue. like you said,, when a baby pops out it will be too late. it may be polite,, but its nagging in nature, when he cant [or wont give dates],, or reasons why not.
Zulkigul 8 months ago
There have been lots of scandals in this royal family.......need I mention Camilla. The Queen obviously preferred her to Diane for some unknown reason and condoned Charles carrying on with her behind Diane's back. Opps, shouldn't bring that up on such a happy occasion.
Grosida 8 months ago
Why don't you just use the word "Fleeing", because then you can still flee if a murderer happens to swing by
Tolkis 7 months ago
Stay on your meds... :-p
Mazunos 7 months ago
Ooh question game! Classy!
Mazujar 7 months ago
Hahahhahahaha reallyy? i think the age of 17 would pass?
Nejas 7 months ago
Both are horrible. Both are destroying the beauty of their religions.
Doutaur 7 months ago
Of course, if a person merely objects to out-of control children, does that automatically equate to "being racist"?
Malazil 7 months ago
First of all, you just did a little "cut and paste."
Mugami 7 months ago
Well it did for me and that is all we had going for us
Nesho 6 months ago
There's a lot to be said for "The Messiah" and "Onward Christian Soldiers" AS PIECES OF MUSIC!!!
Meziktilar 6 months ago
It is not my fault that you are too ignorant to realize that you can prove a negative.
Fenrigore 6 months ago
It is myth
Yozshunris 6 months ago
The goalposts of Christianity haven?t moved I. 2,000 years.
Faegul 6 months ago
2008. I was SO excited when Obama was elected.
Talrajas 6 months ago
Yeah making the group so big killed it off too.
Douzuru 5 months ago
I do think that giving the kids the boot at a certain point gives them some dignity. It means something to feel independent, and that's very important, because you won't live forever.
Vuzshura 5 months ago
Aw I love Ted Danson.

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