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"should be easy enough for you to prove"

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Kigarg 1 year ago
I agree, there are going to always be some things not left done. But for me, its weighing what I haven't done vs quality of life. If my quality of life isn't sufficient enough make finishing what I have left, then I don't think I'd have a problem dying. And of course if my quality of life got bad enough, I'd have no problem ending my life early.
Bragal 1 year ago
Oh, I've heard that is the dogma, but never understood why. If the "marriage bed is holy", then conceivably (
Jumuro 11 months ago
Are you projecting :-)))
Mikazahn 11 months ago
^^^^^^^TARD = Trump Acceptance Resistance Dementia
Tautaxe 11 months ago
I knew I got eleventeen right in the math bowl!
Mishura 11 months ago
No... it's a pretty ancient right. Church properties were traditionally tax exempt in Europe, and clergy governed under canon law.
Mikami 10 months ago
"I read the words and you've suggested I said I was convincing not proving."
Vonris 10 months ago
I believe that Dan T's Dad had a pretty good perception on what the bible would be. Obviously, it wasn't written by a God, it was written by mankind, over and over again, until, today it would only be a shadow of what the original one would be like.
Doushura 10 months ago
It started as a spiritual commitment, now it has become a way of life.
Shagami 10 months ago
We see quantum actions happening without understanding the cause. That does not mean there is no cause.
JoJokree 10 months ago
Well, are not aware Trans-Atlantic slave trade would not be possible without Islamic slave traders and jihadists slave raids? For them America was just a new market for the trader which existed for centuries.
Sazshura 10 months ago
It's culture, not race. Also colonialism at play. Give Democrats enough power and the US will be as corrupt as any third world country. In the US, the government (Democrats) purposely designed programs that reward broken families and failure as they punish those who wish to succeed. 50 years later, we have what we have.
Vokora 10 months ago
Oh yeah, ?the Savior? was predicted in the OT. Problem. ??
Memi 10 months ago
You said, 'Compassion is a tenant of Christianity'.
Malashura 9 months ago
No actual Christian Black Churches. It was done by Christians. Who else lives in the rural South?
Arakasa 9 months ago
LOL, I'm bored at work trolling morons.
Kazralrajas 9 months ago
You are welcome!
Tanris 9 months ago
Really enjoyed the Royal Wedding, beautiful day, glorious sunshine, fabulous outfits, what's not to enjoy.
Kale 9 months ago
I am doubting that.
Mezitilar 9 months ago
And, yet, she is comfortably retired, receiving her federal pension, ignoring the lying pricks like you who attack her. Tell me, dumbfuck, who is now responsible for prosecuting federal crimes?
Kigrel 8 months ago
I was really talking about my local situation, not all the places in the world that I only visit but don't influence.
Arashirr 8 months ago
LOL, wind can be measured. What do you ise to measure god?
Vole 8 months ago
Well, in a way I guess so. Priests obviously are inclined towards a certain type. So they "covet" it to the point they take it. Actually is a combo of at least 3 deadly sins.
Got 8 months ago
.... plus aversion to evidence supported truth and the ongoing demonstration of cognitive dissonance and the Dunning-Kruger effect.
Kisho 7 months ago
Is that from the 30's?
Akinozshura 7 months ago
Sad up vote.
Daira 7 months ago
The definition of arbitrary also says ?or personal whim?
Goltisida 7 months ago
You're right, though I think the idea that natural selection happens gradually through small incremental changes (Darwin's original idea) was largely abandoned by mainstream evolutionary theory many many years ago. The fossil evidence, genetic research and evidence, and theoretical research all seem to point toward sudden changes... punctuated equilibrium, as it's called..
Mami 7 months ago
"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind."
Mejind 6 months ago
7. Should student-initiated religious clubs or extracurricular religious clubs be allowed?
Mikamuro 6 months ago
Well, you?re mixing up taxing the house vs. not taxing a percentage of the clergy?s income for housing. And self employed individuals can still deduct their health insurance depending on how they structure their business, the same as any large company. This is not an exclusive practice and it?s available to any employer, large or small, through various means.
Terisar 6 months ago
The investigation is on going in this case.

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